Down to Earth Style 2014 Favorites

Happy New Year!
I am sure glad 2014 is over! Not to be negative or anything but some years are better than others. Right?

I know 2015 is going to be more exciting and successful…I can feel it.
Have you made any resolutions? Well, I haven’t yet but maybe I’ll start with trying to blog more =)

Here’s a recap of the 2014 projects that received the most visitors throughout the year:
#1 –

{Primp} My Primer Distressing Techniques
#2 –

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Junky Tables and a Baby
#4 –

Family Room Refresh

I am not a ‘blog number watcher’ so it’s fun to check and see which posts received the most traffic at the end of the year. Sometimes I am surprised because the posts I like best are usually different. I will share those another day. (Favorites of 2013 HERE)

I have actually been very busy with projects for my shop space. I moved into a larger area and now have two prime locations in the entrance of the store. One of them has a window and a mantel, the other is right near the check out desk.
Here are a few pictures I snapped this morning…

I mixed my own chalk paint for the first time. To be honest I have been super skeptical about the “no sanding” idea. I still sanded the wood down a little, especially since it is for sale. I want the paint to last.

I am so happy about having a window to decorate around. I used square wall decals from Home Depot to make a diamond accent wall. (this same thing is used in my sister’s house HERE)

The store mantel is the best! I can layer items for sale and it’s about center on this main wall. It’s a great focal point!

This is a Broyhill coffee table that I refinished in black. 
I really liked this end table when I saw it at a thrift shop but the wood was too orange. The creamy white paint and dark glaze enhanced the details that made me love it at first sight.
These are glass storage canisters that I numbered in adhesive vinyl cut with my Cricut using Storybook font.
Having this space to decorate has made me very happy and very busy.
I am looking forward to a successful and fun 2015! I hope you are too!
Thanks for stopping by!