Down to Earth Favorites of 2013

this was posted at the end of 2012 but was viewed lots during 2013

Decorating with Old Windows and Where to Find Them

Muslin Rag Wreath for Spring

Homemade Strawberry Jam

Aging Wood and Other Projects…Uniquely

Wreaths…Lots of Them

8 Easy, Charming Details for Home

Rustic, Recycled…beautiful

Our House Tour continues to be pinned from most on this blog with 1,451,062 views to date.

And A Salvaged Frame continues to be the most popular post for this blog with 317,495 views to date.

This is where I showed you how to use Vaseline to create a ‘chippy’ paint look.
Haven’t seen that yet? CLICK HERE.
(we LOVE chippy paint)

see what you loved in 2012 HERE

Well, I need to get ready for our New Years Party!
(I am hosting =/ )
Have fun and BE SAFE!!!
Happy 2014!!!