We Own It & the Office Comes First

WELCOME to our new home!
Since I checked in with you all last we closed on the house.

Yup! This is a picture of my sweetie signing his life away. Isn’t it great that the title company comes to us now?

The move has been a whirlwind! It’s coming together though and it’s already feeling like home.

My hubby had a confrence yesterday and today so while he was gone one of my sons and I painted his office.


Before photos are a little unfair because everything looks a mess…but it really was.

Remember how I talked about how the paint really looks? Well, I still don’t like the Eider White by SW on the walls but my main man likes it even LESS!

He doesn’t want me to make a mess and paint while we are trying to just move in so the minute he left town…I pulled out the paint. We had about 36 hours to pull this together (We being my son and I).

I chose Gray Horse by Benjamin Moore.

Ooooohhhh…that is so much easier on my eyes!

Gray Horse has a greenish undertone to the gray and is a medium depth in color.

After living in a few houses with Marc (the hubby) I know he is so over all the projects I like to do. I think he is ready to “grow up” in our home style …. and to be honest – I am too.

Keeping that in mind this office is simple with some classy, substantial furniture pieces and zero complication. (however, I’d love to mess it up a bit with some old…well, really old something).

These sail boat photographs are about 20 years old but that’s not the kind of old I am talking about.

We have had these pictures hanging in our homes for so long. I remember the day we bought them for the first house we built in Utah together. I still love them.

OK..so the mirror is really old but without any memories attached to it. It’s just genuinely ancient from a recent purchase at some vintage shop.

The chair and desk are new to us but several years old. A gift from Marc’s parents and a hand me down from his sister. When you sit here it feels like an executive’s office.

This room is to the right of the foyer and looks out the front windows.

I purchased some beautiful. lined window panels but they were too short. I might have to pull out my sewing machine for the windows in this house – they are very high and stock panels are all too short.

This room reveal isn’t super exciting but my man works so hard for our family. He needs his work space in order, especially after using our apartment family room for an office for a whole year!

I have more to share but I feel like I am moving so slow getting the house decorated but even slower to pull out my camera.

I do share little bits on Instagram if you like to use that way of staying connected. HERE is my link to follow.

Speaking of staying connected… check out all of my boys talking and laughing on the front porch tonight. They are growing up and that Marc – he is our hero.

This house is super nice and some days I almost feel guilty for having such a pretty place. Then I think – we have worked for it. Truly.

The last few years have been some of the hardest. I am finally feeling positive and hopeful again. Even though I don’t have my Mom here to share my life stories with, I feel like I am growing in different ways through losing her.

I mentioned before that all I do is read books about death, life after death, religious books and others. I am growing to have a bit of peace with this crazy life we live and making a little more sense of the death process.

So far I’ve learned through my reading – life is all about happiness and love – that is all that counts.

Thanks for reading this post today. I’ll be back shortly!


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Holly, congratulations on moving into your new house! I love the color you painted in the dining room. It's cozy and beautiful in there now.We moved into our house last summer. The whole house is Eider White and I love it! I don't see pink undertones…in our house and with our light it has the slightest tinge of gray. Very slight! I do wish I would have done a different color in the dining room but drama. Maybe one of these days….Can't wait to see what you do in your beautiful home. 🙂

Christine Vandormolen

awww, what a heartfelt post Holly……May the new home bring lots of happiness to all of you. I cannot imagine what you have gone trough loosing your Mom such a short while back.


Beautiful post Holly. Congrats on closing. Love that you got your hubby's office done while he was away on business. I bet he loved coming home and seeing this room put together. You and your son did a great job. I am glad you are finding peace through all your reads on death and how that is a part of life. I know your mom's soul is around you. I bet if you sit quietly in your pretty house you can feel her right there with you. She is cheering you on with living now and being settled in a… Read more »

Cheryl Thornton

Always great to see you posting. The office looks great and I'm sure your hubby will love it!

Judy Fisher

I have missed you Welcome back