Make a Curtain Hook Board

Here is an idea to design your own window panel board to hang room separating sheers.
(because I think a rod in a room with three window rods already would be over kill)

Our living room peeks straight into what would be a formal dining area. Since we don’t dine formally…ever, this space serves our family well as a craft or homework room. 
This picture features the painted accent wall but look beyond that to the dining room. I store craft supplies, some seasonal decor and wreaths there (on top of the armoire). See that? 
So by making this wood window panel board I can decoratively hang window coverings to the room opening. They cover just enough of the sides to conceal the shelves. Also, the curtain rod in the dining area was free for wreath storage.
Wreaths are light weight so “S” hooks and extra curtain clips are just enough to keep them up out of the way along the bar. It’s easy to see them when I’m looking to change out my decor, too.  
Let me quickly show you some steps to make the curtain hook board artful and impressive.
1. Start with a 1x6x18 inch piece of wood.
TIP- Here is how I get my pattern centered:
I had six curtain rod clips and craft hooks for each side. The hooks would be evenly spaced at three inches apart on my 18 inch pine board (2 of them).  Find the center of the board by dividing the full length by two -mark with pencil.  Divide the center 3 inch space in half which is 1 1/2 inches. Place the ruler at that mark lined up with the center pencil marking. Use a pencil mark the 1 and 3 then measure every 3 inches going out to each side and mark it with pencil. The diamonds will end on a half diamond. (these diamond are barely as tall as the board)
2. I love a diamond pattern and my Cricut can cut them pretty fast (Jasmine font). I printed them on vinyl and stuck them to the wood at every 3 inch pencil mark centered (just eyeing it). You can find diamond stencils at craft stores too.
3.Paint over the stickers.
4. After the paint is dry remove the stickers.
5. Sand a little.
6. Rub in dark stain over the whole things (except the back – since it won’t be seen)
7. If the stain covers the paint color too much, like mine did, use cooking oil or baby oil on a paper towel and rub the painted areas to thin out the stain.  The stain leaves the paint looking aged, on purpose.
8. Screw in the hooks where each diamond meets (tap a tail tip in each spot to start the hole).
9. Then nail or drill the board above the molding.
(Don’t mind the messy shelves but now you can see why this project is necessary to hide that.)

Hang the sheers with curtain rod clips.

There, wreaths are hung nicely like a window valance and the messy shelves are concealed behind the window sheers.

This could be a good way to frame out a window, too.

Have nice week!

See what the sheers are made from HERE.

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  1. Ok I am loving the 'wreath rod'! It looks like a cute window treatment, not storage! 🙂 please post a better pic of it!

  2. You have a very beautiful home and I love how the curtain hook board adds another special detail!Gigi @ Old World Patina

  3. I love the look of the shears hanging in the doorway! It really softens the frame. It's no surprise that you would make the curtain hangers rather than buying curtain rods. That is so creative and adds even more interest.

  4. I just did something so similar to this in my guest bedroom (posting soon). I love how yours is in 2 pieces!

  5. Such a stinkin good idea! (I love what how mathematical you are!!!) Who has time for formal dining rooms anymore? Pretty please do a post on all your wreaths. Why doesn't my storage look so posh??? I'm speaking at the Nor Cal Mother of Twins Club Convention this weekend and totally thought of you! Send me good vibes, K? XOXO Jules

  6. What a fabulous idea Holly! I'm stressing because we have never lived in town and I'm going to have to have curtains in every room now. This is a fun way to hang some! Thanks for the quick tutorial!

  7. Holly this is just so clever I can't stand it, and have never seen this before. Love the painting details and the wreaths hanging is pretty.Cynthia

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