(Wisteria Vine Wreath}

Our wisteria vine really took off growing this year.

 It is now 6 years old. One of my blogger friends told me that they don’t usually bloom until they are about that age. She is right.

This is the first year the vine grew so many fragrant blooms.
Now the blooms are gone but the greenery is growing crazy up my deck railing.
I love it!
This morning I decided to give it a good trim.
I have been wanting to make my own vine wreath for a long time so when I gathered all the clippings…I realized that these little branches were perfect for a wreath.  They were still fresh and green so they would bend well into a wire ring that I already had on hand.
I chose long branches that would bend easily and removed the leaves. Then I started weaving them into the ring. The thicker ones should go first. As you get the wreath more full – the finer limbs will bend in between the smaller gaps more easily.
Just keep weaving the vines through notches that will hold them securely and where they easily bend into place. I had several branches snap as I tried to force them to go where I wanted them to…. I quickly learned to just slowly bend the limbs and guide them to the next opening.
As the wreath grows I will use more curly, soft and green limbs.
I especially like the ones that are curly or taper to a soft tip.
This is a close up of the finished wreath so you can see the flowing end branches.
Are you ready for the reveal?

A Homemade Wisteria Vine Wreath

There are so many places around a home to display a beautiful wreath.

The bright green along with the branch type vines are beautiful together.  As the wreath dries it will become more brown and twiggy like.

A front entry wreath says a lot about the home style inside.
I like to accent my wreaths with an iron scroll, a letter, or frame.

Here are a few other wreath ideas…

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A beautiful way to bring nature indoors with a homemade wreath from your own yard.
With the way wisteria grows so quickly, I could make one of these almost every week.
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