Junky Tables and a Baby

Hello! 🙂
My boys and I just got home from an exciting spring break vacation. I will tell more about that in a minute but first I will share some photos of how I used a crate as a ‘chair table’…

This chair sort of “floats” in the great room and the back of it was very boring. This crate works well as a “chair table” because it is just the right size to be decorative but not too big like a sofa table would be.
Since the subject today is about Junk Tables – I wanted to share this cool feature on my spool end table.
See the electrical cord?
It feeds through the hole in the middle and out from a hole in the back. I think hiding cords is so buggy. This works perfectly.
I also added matching iron scrolls to the french doors that are on either side of the mantel.
And now for the best part of this post….
Meet my new baby nephew!
He’s stretching his perfect little body.
I was able to be there to meet the cute little guy when he was born. How amazing! Babies seem to bring just a little bit of heaven with them.
That’s my boy holding his new cousin. So sweet.

Happy Birthday to Baby and Happy Spring to you!
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White Lace and Promises

I could just kiss those puckers. Precious! Love the tables! Definitely my style!

Laura Lane

Love the decor! Very fresh yet classy.Thanks for following me at Harvest Lane Cottage. I'm following you, too!Laura

Michele Alger

Beautiful! Simply beautiful, the birth of a baby! Also, your electrical spool makes me miss mine! :/…but love what you've done with it. 🙂


your son's pic with the baby is so sweet, holly:) the spool makes a fab little table, and the crate table look great with the candles! love those french doors, too!


Oh Holly what a wonderful gift during the Easter season and a spring baby. Love the picture of your son holding his new cousin so precious. What have done with that gorgeous lamp on that table is so pretty. My hubby is a big cord hider. I also really love that lamp and the accents of the iron scrolls and what you added to the doors.Cynthia

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage

Aw, your nephew is so cute! babies are the best!Adore your crate table! It has all the rustic goodness that I love!


Awww…..he's a cutie! I love newborn babies. You're right about the little bit of heaven part. I really like your rustic tables you've made for your living room.

Shabby chic Sandy

Love the little table–and makes me want to plant some of my Lilly of the Valley in a container. Your new baby nephew is so precious–having a new one in the family is such a joy!

Katie Mansfield

Oh. What a sweetie! Congratulations, Aunt Holly.I love the tables too.

chateau chic

What a special treat to be there for the birth of your sweet and adorable baby nephew!! They really are little miracles!Mary Alice


Okay- While I really LIKE your funky tables that sweet baby steals the show! And it looks like he has his cousin wrapped right around his little finger already! He is just perfect! xo Diana

marty (A Stroll Thru Life)

I love your tables, they are fabulous, but of course the baby totally steals the show. He is adorable and your son looks so precious holding him.