Junky Tables and a Baby

Hello! 🙂
My boys and I just got home from an exciting spring break vacation. I will tell more about that in a minute but first I will share some photos of how I used a crate as a ‘chair table’…

This chair sort of “floats” in the great room and the back of it was very boring. This crate works well as a “chair table” because it is just the right size to be decorative but not too big like a sofa table would be.
Since the subject today is about Junk Tables – I wanted to share this cool feature on my spool end table.
See the electrical cord?
It feeds through the hole in the middle and out from a hole in the back. I think hiding cords is so buggy. This works perfectly.
I also added matching iron scrolls to the french doors that are on either side of the mantel.
And now for the best part of this post….
Meet my new baby nephew!
He’s stretching his perfect little body.
I was able to be there to meet the cute little guy when he was born. How amazing! Babies seem to bring just a little bit of heaven with them.
That’s my boy holding his new cousin. So sweet.

Happy Birthday to Baby and Happy Spring to you!