Garden Basket Pendant Lights

I tried to sell these iron hanging baskets at my tag sale last year for $1.
Nobody wanted them….

I thought I could use them in a different way…

I removed the hanging chain.

Here is where they are going…

These little lights have served a good purpose.  I only paid $20 each for them at Home Depot several years ago.  The breakfast table light has been switched out since and I wanted something more unique above the island to match.
I removed the glass and bulb.

The hole at the bottom of the basket matched up perfectly with the center of the light.
I turned the basket upside down and screwed back on the little ring to hold the basket in place. I thought it was going to be heavy but it is about the same weight as the glass.
Paint the white part black.

How cute is that?

The iron fixtures and light bulbs coordinate well with the breakfast nook light.
Easy, cheap and recycled! =)