House Tour (Connecticut)


Thank you for stopping by to tour our home. As you view each picture you will find a link in red below some of the photos that you can click on to bring you to more posts related to that room or subject.
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Hopefully you found something interesting here that will inspire you to try something new your own home.
Thanks again for coming and come back soon!
See our House Tour #2 HERE.
This is where Down to Earth Style was born in the lovely state of Connecticut.

11 Replies to “House Tour (Connecticut)”

  1. The white sofa cover is a Pottery Barn drop cloth style cover. The numbered pillows were also PB from several years ago.The iron mug holder was a tag sale find.Thank you for your comments!

  2. Hi Holly! I've been getting your posts now for a few years, and I love your design style. I know it sounds like your trying to find your way in your new town now, but the Most important thing is that your family is by your side. You can make any place a home, that's pretty obvious from your post. Hang in there, you will soar and fly! All the best to you. Carole from Canada

  3. Hi Holly, I love your style! I live in Virginia too and would love to visit your shop space. Is it in an Antique Mall anywhere near Washington D.C? If you would rather not disclose the location, I understand but I see some things that would go very nicely in my house! Lin in Nothern Virginia

  4. I am super happy to share where my shop is. I rent space inside The Lazy Daisy Gift Store in Midlothian VA.13110 Midlothian TurnpikeMidlothian, VAWorth a trip down because there are several other places to visit as far antiques a vintage decor.

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