Mother’s Day & a Red Door

Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

This is a bitter sweet holiday for sure. So many are celebrating their first Mother’s Day being a mom, some are mourning their mom who has passed on, some are mourning children who have passed too. Then there are those who are struggling to become a mom or never got the chance. There are so many different situations where emotions are enhanced by this special day. My heart goes out to all of you.


I am so grateful to be a mom every single day since my twin boys were born. We just had a porch picture taken last week while in quarantine. The proceeds went to our local food bank. I am so thankful for those who come up with creative ways to give back to our community.

It has been years since we had a photo taken together and looking at this one makes me realize how fast time really goes by.

Becoming a mom did not come easy to me so when I see this I am reminded that dreams really do come true.

Marc and I were married 9 years before we were blessed with children. We had them through IVF. The babies arrived 9 weeks early so our first 6 weeks were spent in the NICU.

They are healthy 17 year old men now but not a day goes by that I am not thankful that they were sent to us.


After the boys turned 6 years old it dawned on Marc and I that we actually wanted more children. We had been so absorbed in parenting (and seriously LOVING it) that we didn’t think much about growing our family. We then tried IVF four more times … unsuccessfully.

On the day I was supposed to find out if the procedure worked on our last try I was volunteering at the elementary school. The hospital had left me a message while I was in the classroom. As I climbed into my car to go home I listened to the message that said – sorry but your pregnancy test is negative.

I cried all the way home.

However, when I arrived in our driveway there was a package on my doorstep. It was from Shutterfly. I used to order all of my large prints and Christmas cards from them. I pulled out this great big portrait of my boys that I had ordered a couple of weeks earlier.


It was this very picture. I still have it hanging in my house today.

I stopped crying right then and there. Look at those perfect children, I thought, and I have never felt sorry for myself ever again.

Being grateful hardly explains the warmth in my heart that I feel for these two beautiful boys.


This year is the third Mother’s Day without my own mom – and that hurts terribly. I recognize that it’s the natural way of things though, and I appreciate the growth that has come to me from the hardship and struggle in my life. I just miss her like crazy and I want her to still give me the best advice and love that I crave deeply (that story HERE).

Family 9156

In 2014 my mom worked so very hard to get our whole entire family together for this photo. Some of us lived in different states and some were heading off to serve missions or go to college. But for this moment, we were together. How amazing to have every single one of us in one place. This is my whole family! They are something to celebrate, even though things have changed.

I included in the title of this post “& a red door” because if you see the porch pic of my boys, Marc, Mazi and Maya above you’ll notice our faded faux wood door. I have been wanting to paint that thing for over a year and with being stuck at home I decided it was time to tackle that project.


I can see many colors looking good on this house but one time we had a super bright red door a couple of homes back and it was so fun with such a happy vibe.


If you’ve been around here awhile you know I like my family to be somewhat involved in the look and feel of our home (see a related post about building this house HERE).


When I chose a few red paint chips at the paint counter one stuck out more than the others, and not just because of the name … 100 MPH! Yup! Behr Paints makes this color and it went over well with all three boys.

Currently, the boys are all about cars and driving (hopefully never reaching 100 MPH). That is Luke’s car parked out front. It still feels a bit strange to watch them drive off without me.


The girls quite like the 100 MPH color too.


I put vintage accents, lanterns, a couple of pots full of coleus and a fern out here. The western sun heats this space up in the summer so I am hoping to keep the plants alive and the door paint from peeling.

At first I put a framed #4 on the door but switched it out for a simple twig wreath.


I put the flag up too because I think it adds to the colonial feel of the house that we like.


The spring wreath was a little frilly for the door so I tied it to the flag pole.


I am so grateful to those who stop by here to read a little story. It’s fun for me to share and I am excited to post more of our house and life.

While we only have two kids and two pups our family keeps growing. I can’t wait to show you our newest addition next time. I’ll give you a hint – she’s soft, cute and NOT a puppy. She’s my Mother’s Day gift and if you can’t wait for my next post you can see her on my Instagram stories HERE.


Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mamas.

To my beautiful Mom in heaven. I reflect on our memories, your example & the way you gave so much of yourself every solitary day! Thank you for all of them – every single one!

Have a truly wonderful weekend.

With love,

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