Exterior House Color Picks

Hi Friends!

Guess what I did today?

Yes! I chose the exterior colors of our to-be-built home.

Let’s cut to the chase…
As follows:

Roof: Charcoal Grey Shingles

Metal Roof : Dark Bronze (rounded porch)

Barrel Vault: Jacobean Stain (wood ceiling of porch)

Siding: SW 6173 Cocoon

Trim: Pure White (windows, doors, columns, flower box)

Soffit: SW 7048 Urbane Bronze (matching the side garage and back exterior doors)

Gutters: Bronze

Front Door: Dark Gel Stain w/ Pure White Sidelites and Transom

Corbels: Jacobean Stain (Garage)

I was pretty sure I wanted an army green house when we got to our appointment this afternoon but our neighborhood doesn’t let you build a similar color house next to each other.

OK…I can appreciate that.

We are only the third buyer in our section to choose a house color and wouldn’t you know, our next door neighbors chose a similar green that I wanted. So…I am flexible!

Cocoon was a runner up anyway and in the end I am super excited about our choice. I was afraid that the greens I was looking at could look a bit lime or pea green in certain lights.

I was imagining the home in a putty or muddy green color against white trim with wood accents. The wood accents are on the roof of our porch. They call it a barrel vault and I chose Jacobean stain for the ceiling of that. Also, the corbels on the garage are wood and will match the porch ceiling from the side. I believe it is important to play colors or finishes in more than one place when looking at the whole picture.

Our front entrance door is fiberglass but we are going to use a dark gel stain on it to coordinate with the wood ceiling on the porch and hope for the best. I haven’t been a fan of gel stain to work with myself but at least if it doesn’t turn out I can change the finish myself.

What I am really excited about is the roof, soffit and gutters. Here are my thoughts on this but I don’t really have example pictures to show yet.

I love a chunky trim or thick top trim on interior walls above doors and along a ceiling (crown molding). That preference goes for the exterior too. So for my home I want the roof to look like a thick sort of cap/trim to make the roof appear more chunky. I chose bronze gutters and a bronze paint for the soffit (the trim following the roof shingles). I love the look and hope it appears as I imagine. I replay that bronze paint color on the side garage man door and the exterior french doors at the back patio.

This will be the very first before picture. We are hoping for some of those pretty trees to stay.

That story may not be as exciting to you as it is for me but let me just throw in some home exterior eye candy for you…

Our builder just completed this beautiful home for an event called the Massey Street of Hope. It’s a fundraiser for the cancer center in downtown Richmond. People pay to view these amazing homes and the proceeds go straight to the hospital. You can read more about that here.

This home has bronze gutters and white soffits.

That roof above the porch is metal but I am not sure what color it is but it looks similar to what we picked out for ours and the bronze gutters are here too.

I like the contrast of colors on this home.

The model homes are all open daily and staged beautifully.

The mix of home styles here is amazing. Partly, we decided this was the place for us to settle because of the character, amenities and schools. There are plenty of trails for riding bikes or running. I am hoping from the bottom of my heart that this is a good move for us.
Our home is a bit more humble than the ones you see in these photos but we believe the quality of materials and property values will be worth living among them.

I am happy that this process is moving along. I was proud of myself for being decisive in our meeting today. I didn’t get too emotional and I feel great about our selections.

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a fun week!

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  1. The color you picked looks army green to me!:) Your home is going to be beautiful and I love all the home styles in your new hood Holly! I can only imagine how much fun it would be to tour them all.

  2. What an exciting time!! The colors you picked are lovely and I bet your house will be the best on the block!! I am excited for you!! Nancywildoakdesigns.blogspot.com

  3. I am so glad you are sharing the stages of your building process with us! I am so excited for you it brings back a lot of great memories hugs!!!

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