Family Room Refresh 2014

After the holidays it feels so good to clear rooms out of seasonal decor and start fresh. I am sharing my Family Room Refresh with you today.

Our family room is square shaped with a center fireplace, I love that part of it. I have switched the furniture around in this space several different ways. This time I took advantage of my husband being home for the holiday and we moved the TV down from above the fireplace mantel.

The electronics got hot when we used the fireplace and this was my “excuse” for the relocation of the TV. Now it sits on our skinny foyer table I made last fall with the large window as a back drop. You don’t recognize the foyer table? I will show you what I did to it to make it look like a cabinet with doors in my next post.

NO, the doors don’t really open.

It looks a lot different than the foyer table but it was a sturdy piece to start with.

Decorating a mantel is one of my favorite places to make pretty in my home. Having the TV in the way was bugging me. I covered the huge hole with a former window headboard that I luckily held on to when we moved. I primed the glass window panes with Bin to stop the glare.

After the Christmas tree was taken away from the far corner, I needed to balance out the window sides. I love the growth chart so I on the other side I brought in something else I adore.

The white horse canvases that were formerly in my bedroom. They looked a bit bland against my light Carrington Beige walls so I took some wood from Ben’s old bed and framed them out in a ladder style. (another future post)

I use several different coffee tables because I get tired of them after a while. I switch them out when I want a change. This one only cost me $10. My kids had their TV and XBox on it in the playroom so I traded them for the old poultry cage.

Every seat needs a place to put a drink so I consolidated some craft supplies to free up another crate.

 Since this old crate is working out so well as an end table.

I am happy with the re-arrangement here and it feels refreshed and cozy. I stayed with black, white and natural for my color scheme along with some fresh greens. I never worry about my woods matching, it makes the space seem as if it were all “collected over time” and that is very “homey” to me.

Happy 2014…I am hoping for a good one this year!
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