Ben’s Room

My kids used to think bunk beds would be fun. I did not think it would be fun to hear them argue about who sleeps on the top bunk – etc..

Ben begged for one for so long that we ended up purchasing a loft bed for him when we moved into this house. The idea of using the floor space under the bed sounded great and no arguing with his brother since there wasn’t a lower bunk.

The bed is a double size which I thought would be good since most bunks are twin. Ben was used to sleeping on a queen bed or bigger since he was born
(long story – twins – needed sleep – etc).
Yes, he had a lot of floor space but the bed was so hard to make – Ben never really cared and I gave up. When Ben was sick – it was annoying to have to climb to the ceiling to check his temperature or just see how he was doing. He would end up in our bed a lot of the time.
I went to Lowe’s to purchase this inexpensive circular Skil saw. (I am not afraid of saws but I get nervous using a circular saw – sold my last one at a tag sale – darn, who knew I’d ever need it again) I didn’t want to take the whole bed apart just to take the four legs down to the garage to shorten them so I cut the legs right there in his room. This is an IKEA loft bed that we had to cut down 12 inches to begin with to fit our 8 foot high ceilings. I’m not going to give details on how I cut this bed down myself while it was still in one piece – balancing was key is all I will say and I have no bruises or broken bones. =)
I cut the bed down enough to be able to see Ben’s face when I say good night to him. I can even make his bed for him.
Underneath the bed he can sit and play games or read on a bean bag.
Good storage space, too.
This whole project started when Ben asked me to hang that sword on the wall.
His bedding is simple but comfortable. Down comforters – my favorite! Kids should have comfortable bedding – I think. I gave them electric blankets one year for Christmas when we lived up north.
There’s still plenty of floor space.
I gave Ben my chicken wire wall art.
A display area for his coin collection and photos.
Though this bed didn’t need a headboard, I thought a rustic piece above the pillows would look cool. I can leave him messages when he doesn’t want to listen to my voice.
These white shelves were here when we moved in – they come in handy for books and trophies.
Ben is 10 years old – no little boy theme, just stuff he loves.
Ben’s the sweetest little boy in the world and silly, too!
You can peek at Luke’s room HERE.
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