A Backyard Fire Bowl and Old Containers

Have you started your Christmas shopping or are you the type that gets it all done early?

I am just beginning, unfortunately.

I found some really great containers for gift giving the other day. While browsing the thrift store I found a bronze bucket, copper egg pan and a few wood tool boxes. Unique containers are great for presenting gifts in. Gift cards are perfect for that person on your list that is super hard to buy for but an envelope alone lacks a “wow” factor. Filling a bucket with simple pine cones and candy to go with it steps up the thoughtfulness-factor, too.

I can paint or stain these wooden boxes and fill them with goodies to give away or keep them around the house for organizing clutter.

I recently cut an old branch down with a miter saw to make some natural Christmas ornaments for the tree. You know how I like earthy accents. 🙂 The wooden discs look nice surrounding candles and pine cones as a centerpiece.

From table top to the backyard for lighting up a party, these new containers are useful in so many ways.

(Doggie photo bomb!)
We are testing out the fire bowl tonight. It’s pretty deep so the fire can get nice and hot. We like to roast chestnuts on the “open fire” on Christmas Eve, even though nobody really likes to eat the nuts.


This picture is taken from our side deck looking to the east. We have no more leaves 🙁 It’s looking pretty brown around here.

Our mild winter weather is spoiling us however, I am wishing for a white Christmas this year.

Let It SNOW!

Have a happy week!

Fire Bowl Link HERE

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Christine Vandormolen

Ohhh look at little Mazi, soooo sweet. Your fire pit is gorgeous. I love outdoor pics like this!

Town and Country Gals

Holly,love using containers for gift giving, yours are very cool, love the tub with the candles and wooden slices! Happy HolidaysRebecca

Michele Alger

What a fun idea to use a neat container for gift cards. I always feel like there isn't anything 'big' about getting a simple card. LOVE it. Thanks for the idea with my round limb cuts too. I hadn't thought to add them to my candle arrangements. YAY!! 😉

KUNIs little white castle

I love your outside photos. I want to sit there with a couple of tee.Hugs Kuni