House Tour (Utah)

Welcome to our home in Utah. We lived here for about 1 year and 1/2. It’s a 1970’s contemporary.

With tall ceilings and big windows with southern sun exposure. It’s bright and has a beautiful view of the Northern Utah mountains.

As much as we loved this house, it needed a lot of work!

I dreamed of making it home and renovating the place to make it a modern cottage.

But the area we lived in didn’t really fit our lifestyle and our young boys were not super happy here after tansferring from our Virginia home HERE.

So we ended up moving back to Virginia and we built a new house HERE.

The bedrooms in the Utah house were strange and the floor plan would have needed some reconfiguring to meet our needs. The expense would have been a lot.

However, it was wonderful to be able to drive 25 minutes to see family. They were the reason we relocated in the first place.

The kitchen was done nicely back in the 80’s or 90’s but needed another update to fit my style.

The view out back was one of my favorites we’ve ever had.

We saw deer nearly daily on this hillside.

The snow was beautiful!

Sadly, we made the tough decision to move back to the east coast and again be far away form family.

But in the end it was the right choice.

Thank you for touring our Utah house!


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Calypso In The Country

Your house is beautiful!Shelley

Uwe Diekmann

Hi Holly,you have a great House!Also your Style is great!many greetingsUwe

Holly @ Down to Earth Style

Thank you, Deb! That means a lot coming from a girl who has amazing style herself. Thanks for leaving a message.

Deb Hrabik

The black exterior is beautiful. I love the way the architecture looks at your entry. Your style is so great as always!Deb