House Tour (Utah)

Welcome to our home.

My family and I recently moved to Utah where we have more family. Our love of the outdoors and especially the mountains has drawn us here from the East coast.

This house was built in 1978. What we love about it is the natural light that comes in through the back  windows but we absolutely love that it sits on the hills of the Wasatch front.

As I decorate each room I will add photos of them to this page. The words that are in red are links to related posts so click away and enjoy.
This is the same room as where the piano is. We call it the music room or living room. I tried having it an office but nobody used it. We love the open floor space to lay around on. The carpet is soft and plush but very light.
 Go ahead and tour around.
mantel update post HERE
Breakfast Nook
View from the bedroom deck.
Back Deck off of the kitchen.

View our house in Connecticut – House Tour #1
View our house in Virginia – House Tour #2
This home is in Northern Utah. We only stayed here for 18 months.
We are currently building House #4 while we live in a little apartment back in Virginia.

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