Drop Cloth Slipcover to the Rescue

Let me tell you about this sofa…
A little background – my kids are having a tough time adjusting to their new school (like I have mentioned before). Sometimes I let them take a “mental health” day off. To be honest, I really enjoy their company so it’s a relief day for me too.
One of our favorite things to do together is roam around the Deseret Industries (aka – a Goodwill/Thrift Store). I like to browse the furniture section.
I spotted a fabric that I thought I recognized from The Madison Furniture Barn in Westbrook, CT (we used to live near there).They carry good quality furniture brands so I had to check this sofa out a little further.
After lifting the sofa skirt and inspecting the cushions I found that this sofa had been pretty expensive new. The cushions are down filled!
When I got it home I removed the original slipcover that was pretty worn. Although it can be washed and used again, it isn’t the color scheme I like.
I still had my white drop cloth slipcover from Pottery Barn so I knew I could make our music room a more cozy place to relax in and more people could sit together here too.
Remember the leather club chairs? They finally have a complete furniture family. The casual style of the drop cloth mixes up the traditional furniture that we have in here.
A few new items spawned a big furniture switch up yesterday.
My brother is selling his house and I am “babysitting” some of his furniture pieces until he gets his new place. The coffee table with a glass top and the ladder in the corner are just a couple of them.
The horse picture is placed in between two windows, covering most of them up. We have a lovely view out of every window except those two (neighbors driveway) and besides we have plenty of natural light flowing through this area of the house.
Since I stole the horse canvas from above the brown sofa in the step down family room I replaced it with a large window pane. That room had too many brown pieces in it anyway.
If you are looking at the funky chair table/ book shelf you can go HERE to read more about it.
Are you wondering how much I paid for the sofa?
$100, $150, $75 or $35?
If you guessed $35 – you are RIGHT!
Some of you are going to wonder about that drop cloth slipcover so I am including a link to it HERE. I paid $100 for mine several years ago but if I read the price right on the website, it’s now only $59.99! Holy Cow!  Grab one!
Until next time…
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Christine Vandormolen

I had no idea you could buy a good quality drop cloth for furniture!!! That's amazing! It looks wonderful. I hope your boys are doing better each day….

Mark Pasko

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Mountain Mama

What a steal!! Must be super comfy, too, with those down cushions – it would be hard to get up at all once you settle in!!

Simply Simplisticated

Holly LOVE it!!! Im LOVING your curtains with the chunky tab tops whered you get them or did you make them? PLEASE tell me

Simple and serene living Laura Walker

The light in your room is amazing and I love the eclectic look of all the pieces. What a fabulous buy. xo Laura


Love your music room and the new sofa is awesome. Love how you hung the horse pic in the window. That looks so great. The room is beautiful.Kris

Rustic Maple Elizabeth

Your rooms look great with the neutrals and mix of browns with the lighter colours. I love that horse painting.

Patty Sumner

Wow, what a deal! You made it look good.. I cannot imagine how comfy down filled cushions are…ahhhhh. Your home looks great as always.. Blessings!


That's a great buy! I will eventually be getting another Mitchell Gold sofa to go with the one that I just got last month. It will replace my Sherrill sofa that looks horrible without it's slipcover! I often wonder if I should try to just give it to Goodwill with the Pottery Barn slipcover on it, once I'm done with it. I would love to know that it's going to a good home. Someone might want to have it reupholstered, too, since it's a well made sofa. It won't work for me to have a custom slipcover made for it… Read more »

KUNIs little white castle

Wow, it looks very cosy