Drop Cloth Slipcover to the Rescue

Let me tell you about this sofa…
A little background – my kids are having a tough time adjusting to their new school (like I have mentioned before). Sometimes I let them take a “mental health” day off. To be honest, I really enjoy their company so it’s a relief day for me too.
One of our favorite things to do together is roam around the Deseret Industries (aka – a Goodwill/Thrift Store). I like to browse the furniture section.
I spotted a fabric that I thought I recognized from The Madison Furniture Barn in Westbrook, CT (we used to live near there).They carry good quality furniture brands so I had to check this sofa out a little further.
After lifting the sofa skirt and inspecting the cushions I found that this sofa had been pretty expensive new. The cushions are down filled!
When I got it home I removed the original slipcover that was pretty worn. Although it can be washed and used again, it isn’t the color scheme I like.
I still had my white drop cloth slipcover from Pottery Barn so I knew I could make our music room a more cozy place to relax in and more people could sit together here too.
Remember the leather club chairs? They finally have a complete furniture family. The casual style of the drop cloth mixes up the traditional furniture that we have in here.
A few new items spawned a big furniture switch up yesterday.
My brother is selling his house and I am “babysitting” some of his furniture pieces until he gets his new place. The coffee table with a glass top and the ladder in the corner are just a couple of them.
The horse picture is placed in between two windows, covering most of them up. We have a lovely view out of every window except those two (neighbors driveway) and besides we have plenty of natural light flowing through this area of the house.
Since I stole the horse canvas from above the brown sofa in the step down family room I replaced it with a large window pane. That room had too many brown pieces in it anyway.
If you are looking at the funky chair table/ book shelf you can go HERE to read more about it.
Are you wondering how much I paid for the sofa?
$100, $150, $75 or $35?
If you guessed $35 – you are RIGHT!
Some of you are going to wonder about that drop cloth slipcover so I am including a link to it HERE. I paid $100 for mine several years ago but if I read the price right on the website, it’s now only $59.99! Holy Cow!  Grab one!
Until next time…

10 Replies to “Drop Cloth Slipcover to the Rescue”

  1. That's a great buy! I will eventually be getting another Mitchell Gold sofa to go with the one that I just got last month. It will replace my Sherrill sofa that looks horrible without it's slipcover! I often wonder if I should try to just give it to Goodwill with the Pottery Barn slipcover on it, once I'm done with it. I would love to know that it's going to a good home. Someone might want to have it reupholstered, too, since it's a well made sofa. It won't work for me to have a custom slipcover made for it since the back cushions are not removable. Anyway, seeing your new sofa made me think of that. I love the horse picture hanging above your new sofa. It balances out the leather chairs adjacent to it.

  2. Wow, what a deal! You made it look good.. I cannot imagine how comfy down filled cushions are…ahhhhh. Your home looks great as always.. Blessings!

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