Room with a View

After several weeks of shifting gears in my life I am finally getting around to posting an update. Although, there is not much in the way of decorating or refinishing furniture, I have ventured into working outside of the home and have had little energy or “craving” to take on any home improvement projects here at home.
But this is where I am enjoying a view of the new blooms and Spring sunshine in my limited quiet time.

There is one major change (besides working) that you may find a little strange. I moved our master bedroom to the open step-down family room to your right of this picture. No, it’s not walled off or even private but at night when I lay down I can see the stars through those very windows, it’s beautiful.

Why? Well, I wanted my kids to have their own bedrooms but nobody wanted to sleep in the basement…apparently, neither did I. So we gave up our master suite on the second level for one of our sons to use. Both boys are now upstairs with a master bath right in the middle of their bedrooms. I tell them they are spoiled but they just want me to take them back to Virginia.

The main floor feels like an open loft house.  However, our closet and bathroom are not very close by it’s worth the inconvenience because the kids have their own space and, believe me, trying to make them happy has been especially challenging in the last several months (13 year old boys new to town – new to school).

There is no headboard, just my favorite horse canvas. It’s so nice to have our matching black dressers back by each side of the bed. We didn’t have enough room for that in our previous master (here). The fireplace has been really nice too.

When I invite my guests in to have a seat and stay a while, they get to see straight into my bedroom. =/ At least that motivates me to make my bed more often. 🙂

Actually, I did do a little decorating on my blogging break – at least moving furniture. The sofa and chair from this room have moved too – that is another story.

I’ve missed being part of the blog world lately – – – Hoping you are all doing very well.


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Love the room! I'm interested in your drapes and wondered where you bought them or if you made them. They are beautiful.


It sounds like you've been very busy. I'm sorry to hear that your son's are still not too happy with their new school. I'm sure they really miss their friends. My teenage son is starting high school next Fall and that is what is keeping us from moving right now. Such a hard decision to make. I think it was nice of you to sacrifice your bedroom for them! Mercy, they must love having the upstairs to themselves now. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your new work endeavor too!

Cris Eddy

Hi Holly,I feel for your boys. They'll adjust I'm sure.(fingers crossed) Love your bedroom where you moved it. But a job?! You're making me look bad~jk.Take care and hang in there!'{{{{hugs}}}} Cris

Michele Alger

It's so beautiful!! You could easily build a partition, but I bet the open feel is so enjoyable right now. So good to hear from you!! XOXO

Katie Mansfield

I can't wait to hear about your job. I'm sorry the boys are continuing to struggle. I'll say a little prayer for them. Your room looks great.

Christine Vandormolen

Good morning sweet Holly, so glad to read your post and get some updates. I was wondering what you were up to. Your master bedroom looks amazing and I am sure you will come up with a genius idea to make the open space more private. I am hoping the kids are still liking the new school better, I remember you moved them to another district. Would love to hear where you are working and what you are doing. It's so hard to find enough time and energy for blogging when you are away from the home so many hours.… Read more »

Carol Bartlett

Hi Holly. Lovely idea to have the bedroom downstairs…a little privacy for Ma and Pa. What do you think of a sliding barn door for privacy when you need it or for when you forget to make the bed 🙂


Happy to see you back posting. Missed you. Swooning over your beautiful decor. We will be moving into our new home May 15th to start our decor happy. I cannot wait. I have missed blogging too. It will be fun to start some decor happy posts as we embark on decor change ups in the new house. Have a great Sunday.Hugs,Kris

Gee Singh Newbanks

🙂 Hello Holly!! Glad to see you back. Oh… change can be hard. Poor chaps. As parents we make sacrifices for our babies, big and small , I still call mine babies even though they are young men now. Your bedroom is luvly! I luv all the light. I MUST have light during the day. Both for my work, the artist me, and as the person who suffers from SAD. I'd luv your amazing windows and view!!Praying things get easier for the boys.Hugs, Gee