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Georgian Colonial Home


Tour our newly built home inspired by Georgian Colonial style.

This is where my family and I live currently. We built this home in 2018 and have been adding our own touch to it. The door has already been painted three different colors. The inside is changing all the time too. I am trying styles that I haven’t before.

You can read about how we decide on the style of our home HERE.

Number Art

Our foyer is not open to a room but there is an office and a flex space on either side. The gallery wall hides mechanicals like the air return, thermostat, doorbell and an outlet.

Foyer Gallery Wall

I love mirrors and haven’t changed this wall much because I love it, (see more HERE)

French Doors in the Foyer

The flex space is housing our grand piano. One day I think it would be nice to take that door and wall completely out to have it open to the foyer. It’s funny how after living here for just a few years there are things I wish I had done differently while building.

Fireplace Mantel

Our family room is full of windows. While I love the natural light, I miss having a place for art or fun pieces of furniture. The natural light allows for the dark wainscoting though, and I love the high contrast.

DIY Coffee Table

One thing I loved about the builder we chose is that they did real wood floors on the whole main floor. (view more HERE)

Three Tone Kitchen

This kitchen is nice and roomy with plenty of cabinets. I did the wood treatment on the island, You can see how HERE.

Copper Pot Collection

The accent hood cabinet and tall wall cabinet are painted in Spanish Moss by Dixie Belle Paints.

Rustic Kitchen Island

The countertops are granite with a white background and black swirls.

Kitchen Storage

That nook was meant to be a breakfast room but we use it more as a morning room. The sun flows in here in the mornings and it’s nice to enjoy a cup of coffee on the comfy sofa.

Green Kitchen Cabinets

I love open storage. These hooks from IKEA are so useful and I love the way they look on the side of a cabinet. (see more HERE)

Black and White Wallpaper

The wallpaper was put up when this was our breakfast room but I still like it with the way we use the room now too. View more HERE.

Black and White Curtains

Here is the dining room. It’s always changing. I upcycled that table and chars set. It seats 8 comfortably. See how the dining room changed HERE.

Urbane Bronze Accent Wall

The master bedroom is a relaxing place. This is the first time in a long time that I have a real headboard rather than a diy or architectural piece. You can see more of this room HERE.

Master Bathroom Wallpaper

Do you recognize the wallpaper? I had a lot left over and decided to bring it into the bathroom. See more  of our bathroom in THIS post.

As our home changes, I share it in blog posts so sign up for email delivery so you don’t miss what’s happening here.

Thanks for taking the tour of our Georgian Colonial style home.

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Below you can view posts of our building process if you want see my color choices and lighting.

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