Summer Picnic Time

One of the greatest things about being back in Northern Utah is the weather.  It’s cool in the morning and evening so dining outside is beautiful.

I take my coffee on the deck. It’s an extension of our living space and sitting here smelling the natural scents of our surroundings is relaxing.
I love that the back yard is private. Our neighbors on either side can see us but there is a hill at the back where a little creek flows with water about 70% of the year. The sound of that is heavenly.
I like having part of the deck covered so I can hang a chandelier. It’s another place for me to move furniture around all the time.
However, none of our outdoor furniture is very comfortable for lounging in but it rarely rains so I am thinking about getting some cushioned pieces, like a sofa and snuggle chairs.
The other great thing about this drier climate is there are no bugs. My kids say there are a lot of spiders but they soon forgot how big our spiders were on the East Coast.
So long as I am home or with family & few friends, this place is great.
So much has changed, mostly myself.
Hope you are all enjoying the outdoors where you live.