Three Tone Kitchen


DSC_0099-2Hello Friends!

Guess what I did?



I painted some of my kitchen cabinets.

Remember the way it was before…

DSC_0461 (1)

Yes, I loved it like this. However, I had been craving more of my favorite color. If you’ve been with me for a while you know that color has got to be earthy and most likely a type of green.


There it is! I love Dixie Belle’s Spanish Moss. I chose to paint the far cabinet where the fridge and ovens are first because that one was dark. I figured if I didn’t like it I could paint over it with white.

But I ended up loving it. So to balance out the color I decided that the hood cabinet would be the perfect choice since it is dead center.


It has a ledge for me to decorate. I am thankful for that because this whole room is either cabinets or windows.


Since the room is super open I am always looking for ways to hide any messes or keep the soap dispensers pretty, which I just have to have comfortable dispensers that aren’t always pretty.

DSC_0115I picked up a lantern at Kirlands and took the front door off of it. My soap dispensers fit inside perfectly. It looks decorative from the family room but functions at the kitchen sink. Also, the rosemary topiary is large enough to partially hide piled up dishes in the sink and brings in a wonderful, natural fragrance.



Can you see the soap inside the lantern?


There’s a view from the family room. The dining room to your right is a dark olive wall and I like the balance and contrast with the new kitchen accent color.


The island matches the base cabinets, the white cabinets match the walls and the green…. is my favorite!!!!

Were you surprised to see a post so soon after the last one?

Lately I have been evaluating my life and what it is missing. (besides my beautiful mother). I love blogging and decorating. I was a little numb for a while there but in an effort to bring more joy to my soul I made some goals for myself. One being to blog more.


I hope you enjoyed this diy and I already know your first question. What did Marc say? Hahaha – he said nothing. But he actually did finally notice but still didn’t say a peep. He’s a cool guy like that.

DSC_0106Thanks so much for stopping by and since I changed from blogger my site is still a little wonky so if you would like an email of my posts then be sure to subscribe in my side bar. I don’t like pop ups so head on over there and enter your email.



Again, I share on Instagram too and my handle there is hollybrowninghome (LINK HERE)

You can leave me a comment and let me know what you think here too. I’d love to know.

Have a super fun weekend!

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ah I finally got into this thread-was having trouble accessing beyond the initial picture. Holly the added color looks like it was planned to be that way. Looks great. I love the lantern idea.

KarenK from Buffalo

I love it! It gives your kitchen some depth instead of looking flat. Great coverups, too!


I love it! I’m glad you’re back! I can SO relate to the loss of your mom and the numbness, fog and heartache afterwards. It’s been six and a half years for me. Time is weird after the loss of your mom. It seems like yesterday but has been six years. My mom and I were run around friends and she died suddenly. I don’t think you ever get over it, you just somehow figure out how to cope. Thank you for sharing your inspiration and talent.

Cheryl Thornton

Looks great Holly! I LOVE GREEN TOO, doesn’t it just feed your soul?!


I’m totally loving that color!