Cozy Bedroom at Tulip Hill

Happy Summer!


It’s been a bit since I’ve been here. I have a full time job now. I am loving it but when I get days off I take the down time.

This post features our bedroom because these are the last photos I took for you. I wanted to share how I started making my bed with more layers and rolling the down comforter to show the sheets. It looks more fluffy and inviting. It’s mostly a mess on the floor because … hot sleeper right here.


My sheets don’t really match. My bedding is mostly a hodge-podge of things. However, I’d love to go into Pottery Barn and buy a whole new bedding display but instead this bed is made up a little more “full” with what I have on hand.


I have two, well three things to update you on. One, I work full time as a designer and it’s a lot of fun (mostly). Two, we are doing a kitchen update in our Tulip Hill house ALREADY! (I call the house we live in the Tulip Hill house – FYI) And three, I Am Done Decorating With Junk.

Whoa?! I know … who even am I right now?

I might be somewhat retiring from DYI as well…. uhm, that might be taking things a little too far. However, I have zero space to make or work on anything in our current situation.

I think the phase of upcycling and reusing furniture is still in me but I am craving a more refined environment. Less clutter and more simplicity. While country style is very comfy, I find myself doing away with the “chippy” and distressed pieces I’ve held on to. That rustic feeling I once loved is sitting on the sidelines. Maybe it’s because of the phase of life I am in. Kids are older & I have more time while I’d rather work to pay someone to do certain things.


I’ll always change things around, no doubt but even my bedroom no longer even looks like this as I write – no art, no mirror but same old bedding.


Let me tell you about the kitchen. Holy Cow!

Our wood floors in front of the fridge were buckling. We had a leak in the dishwasher that we knew about and fixed. We thought we’d give the floor time to dry out. It just got worse. I took out the slats that I did on the kitchen island when we first moved in (POST) to see what was going on.

Turns out we have had a slow leak in our dishwasher for most likely –4-years-!!!

The floor is finally dry after a month being exposed. A renovation company also used drying techniques to help as well. So…. While we are having the floors and cabinets fixed we decided to change the layout slightly and upgrade our appliances. We are still in the early stages of planning but I actually can’t wait to get started.

If you want to see what we are changing our kitchen from you can visit THIS POST.


None of what I told you even goes with the pictures of my bedroom LOL. But I had to show up with something so I could fill you in on some exciting things.

I’ve been staying super busy and keeping my days full. I feel healthier and more productive when I have more to do. Seems strange that it’s that way but I’m so happy that I made that change. (but I miss blogging)

Much Love,

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Patty Brenner

Yuck on the leak, that’s not fun to deal with. I hear you on doing away with lots of chippy, diy, and simplifying. I had a shed full of projects I thought I wanted to do – but after not touching them for a couple of years (and not even wanting to look at them), I decided to let them go. I felt so much lighter afterwards! I chuckled at your mismatched sheets: my bed also has mismatched (and several times mended) sheets. I don’t even want to replace them because they’re a heavy crisp percale that isn’t available anymore.… Read more »