Moving on to Christmas

I don’t know about you but sometimes I am so glad to have one holiday over with so that we can move on to the next. I feel guilty for admitting that because the most special day of the year for our family comes right around Thanksgiving so I feel a little pressure to make it extra special.

My twin boys were born on a “Black Friday”, Coming a little early at 31 weeks and healthy was a miracle. They weighed 4.2 and 3.7 lbs. So tiny!

My husband and I were married 9 years before these sweet little guys made our family complete.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on years past and hope for more wonderful years to come. So I can’t help but think of the week I spent pregnant in the hospital holding on to these babies as long as possible. How we tried to make it to 32 weeks.

They came earlier than we had hoped but who would have thought they would grow up as if they came spot on their due date. Although, 6 weeks in the NICU had its ups and downs, here we are 13 years later thankful beyond measure.

Needless to say, the holidays bring a whole different set of emotions for me. I love to decorate the house early to kick off all the celebrating but the real celebration is that my boys are with us and healthy.

This is a picture of them on their first Christmas. They were one month old.
(you can see more of my boys in THIS post)
We spent our weekend with extended family eating and laughing. The birthday went great too. It was so fun to have cousins here to help celebrate for the first time, since we’ve lived far away up until now.
I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was a memorable one, too.
Now I want to put some lights out on the house but we are freezing! It has already snowed – and the snow even sticks! Looks like we may be lucky enough to get a white Christmas this year, we even had a white Thanksgiving too.
My kids LOVE snow!
Mazi? Not so much.
And look who showed up in our backyard! The mountains are so wonderful!
Have a happy week!
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You are very blessed and what a great looking family! I never had a Brother, and Christmas has always been a very magical time for me so it was really a miracle when I had a Son on Christmas morning… too many years ago to repeat! We lost our dear little Hannah in August and adopted an adorable very abused rescue dog in Sept. He's a Japanese Chin and we could tell something was wrong with his eyesight… he ran right into a shepards hook in the backyard and popped out his eye. Three surgeries later and he finally has… Read more »

Sonny G

as always your home looks lovely this holiday season.. surely, as you stated so well, the greatest blessing is healthy children.. Holiday Blessings to you and yours.Sonny

Angie Chavez

What an incredible miracle those 2 are, Holly! P.S. – I love that rusty spring you are using to hold a candle – pinning it!Blessings,~Angie @ Knick of Time


Happy Birthday to your sweet boys. They are such handsome young guys. Love the deer visiting in your backyard. How beautiful is that scene.Kris

KUNIs little white castle

What a wonderful and lovely post!!

Gee Singh Newbanks

Aaahhhh!!! Happy Birthday to your boys Holly!!! I am enjoying then after Thanksgiving time as well… all the decorating and the anticipation of the special day to come!Happy, happy!!


Happy Birthday to your handsome boys. I can tell they are alike and yet as different as night and day- their personality just shines through each one.Our little SweetCheeks was born 9 years ago and she weighed right around 4# and was in NICU for 15 days and was home in time for Christmas. Every year, like you do, I celebrate the wonder and joy of her birth and how healthy she is today.You are truly blessed and I am so glad that you are close to family now! xo Diana

Cozy Little House

Wish I had that view in my backyard! Those boys are sure growing up fast. My oldest daughter was born on Thanksgiving Day.Brenda

Simple and serene living Laura Walker

Happy birthday to your wonderful boys. Enjoy that snow. xo Laura


Your boys are so handsome. It's wonderful that they will always have each other. I've heard that twins are often closer than regular siblings. I have a feeling that getting a lot of snow will be your new normal!