Turn an Old Bar Stool into a Chair Table

Open floor plans are all the rage anymore. Living spaces such as kitchens and dining rooms are all in one big room or a living/dining room combination is especially popular.
Such is the case with ours.


Giving a space it’s own purpose depends on the furniture and how it is placed.
This is our combo room. The piano has to go on that interior wall so rather than a formal dining space – it becomes our music room.
Since living in our home for two months we use this space differently than how I set it up to begin with. Nobody used the sawhorse desk (shown above) so it went out to the garage as a workbench. The leather chairs were moved closer to the armoire to create a living/sitting area.
That was fine but the room felt too long with the chairs placed like this so I moved them into an L-shape to divide the rectangle shaped area. The back of one chair now faces the piano.
But who wants to look at the back of a plain brown chair? That isn’t very interesting at all. So I made a narrow chair table (like a sofa table). Doesn’t that look more intentional?
Sorry for the furry photo bomb.
Here is how I made that easy custom sized chair table.
We have four of these bar stools. This one is wobbly and the faux leather is ripped.
I turned it over and removed the top.
After measuring the back side of my leather chair, I cut five 1×4 planks to that length.
I had a piece of scrap wood measured about 11 inches deep and maybe 25 inches long. That went on the top of the bar stool frame first.
Then I placed the cut slats onto the 11×25 inch wood plank for the top and then secured two other slats on the lower cross bars.
It was super easy, thanks to my nail gun.
All of this wood has been used some place else in our house before so that is why they don’t match but I kind of like that mixed look.
By sanding all of the pieces down a bit that let fresh wood come through on each piece. To blend them together I used a stain over it all letting the painted white pieces turn a little grey.
I used a water based stain I found at Lowe’s. The color is Midnight. You don’t even have to wipe this product off. It brushes on beautifully and dries fast!
That project took me about 30 minutes or less plus a little dry time.
The table fits perfectly behind the brown chair. We love books so the shelf provides storage plus, I love a place to display candles and other fun accents.
Now our sitting area is divided from the music room and the whole space is more cozy.
I am actually planning to put our Christmas tree near the piano so it can be seen from the foyer, sitting area, upstairs and from the family room. See that space to your left in the photo above? Tree goes there! 🙂
I think the snow has given me an urge to be festive so soon.
My boys are super excited too!

Snowball bomb!!!

Thanks for coming over. Have a fun day!

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Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Love your combo room, Holly! The table is a great piece, and was just made for that spot behind the chair. I saw in another of your posts that you got snow! Blech! I'm just not ready yet!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life)

Oh my word, that is so creative. I love it and the perfect size for your space. Very cute and clever.


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Sunflowers With Smiles

Such a cute and versatile table. Looks great Holly!

Katie Mansfield

I love it! Your furry photo bomber is the cutest. Mazi must follow you around like Dixie does to me. Snow sounds wonderful. Have a great day.

Christine Vandormolen

can you hear me pinning Holly ??? LOL…LOVE LOVE LOVE that spool table! And the bench you made is so clever

Deb Hrabik

So clever! Great idea. Half of the build is done by using the stool base. Thanks for the idea,Deb


That is such a cute table. I love how you repurposed stool legs to make it too.