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Hey Friends!

I hope you are all well and enjoying your summer so far. Today is the last day of school for my kids and I am super happy worried about keeping them entertained 24/7 and balancing their time playing video games and outdoor activities. I can tolerate chaos, but I am going to need an extra dose of patience for all the neighbor kids running in and out – in and out – water fights, tattle telling, door bell ringing, Popsicle sticks & wrappers everywhere, firecrackers, soda and vinegar explosions, sleep overs and the eating, eating and eating…ugh! I will figure it out, I am sure. (insert smiley)

I am just going to show you some pictures of recent projects that I have painted or made to take to my booth where I have retail space.

I actually splurged on Annie Sloan paint for the body of this dresser but mixed my own chalk paint with plaster of Paris for the grey drawers.

I like Annie Sloan’s product a lot. It’s a creamy paint and distressed easily but I feel like I want to seal it with polycrylic so it isn’t such a chalky finish. The brush stroke lines were very easily sanded down for a super smooth finish. That was great! I purchased her dark wax too. I will post my experience with that another day.

I use neutral colors most of the time but one day I tried this turquoise blue. It was an oops paint color for $2.50 and quite bright until I rubbed it down with stain using the technique I have blogged about in THIS post.

Here are a few snap shots from my booth.

I hog the whole left side of the entry way,

I up-cycled furniture, make home accents from wood scraps and if I find a good deal on home accents, I put my own touch on them and bring them here for our shoppers to get a nice variety to choose from.

Creating unique accents keeps shoppers interested and I try to keep my stock rotating….hence, it takes away from my blog time.

This is the most fun job I have ever had in my whole life!

Happy weekend! Until next time….


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Audra @ Renewed Projects

Thanks for sharing pics of your booth. I just opened up one of my own shortly before Thanksgiving and am figuring it out as I go. I LOVE how full yours looks. Looks like a fun place to stop and look around for a bit.

Uouo Uo

I love your booth. I have just opened a tiny one. I am enjoying every moment I spend on it. Hopefully it will grow into a large space like you have!Eilis@TheQuaintNest


You make me want to redecorate. That dinning table and chairs are gorgeous.Keep Smiling.Your blogging sister,Connie 🙂

Sally LoveOfHomes

I love how the blue table turned out…You are so talented! Have a wonderful summer!

Mary Ann

Holly, your blog goes into my \”promotions\” tab and I forget to read it… but I am so glad I stopped today, your things are wonderful!

Debra Oliver

oooh, you have a wonderful space, so many fun things I'd love to shop!!


Oh I remember those days of lots of noise and chaos going on during the summer when my kids were younger. Now, my youngest is 14 and isn't as rowdy now that his older brother moved away. (insert sad face). Just enjoy it and soak it all in. It is very fleeting! Glad to see that your booth is doing well. You've filled it with so many pretty things.

Love your booth, Holly. Wish I had more space in mine for furniture. xo Laura

Leslie Harris

Holly you are in your element!!! Your retail space looks utterly rich and vibrant and joyful and I would instantly gravitate towards it if I found myself walking by. I spied those big glass vessels with candles in them lined up in your first photo and I was wondering if you made those. They almost look like the big glass canisters used in the kitchen for sugar and floor. If not, you gave me an idea of putting candles in them and wrapping wire around them for our outside patio..enjoy the chaos of little boys these are the easy years… Read more »


So, you're living my dream! 🙂 Beautiful stuff. A friend just offered me space in his store….you may have given me the kick in the keester I needed! Good tip about keeping the booth fresh with stock though, so you are forgiven for not blogging as much lol. I don't do 1/10 of what you accomplish in this post and I blog every 8 months!


Your booth is awesome Holly! I would love it if it were closer to us. Enjoy the kids being off. I am in the same boat and going to enjoy every second of it.

Michele Alger

I love the techniques you are using to paint your furniture and your accents always inspire me! HUGS! 😉

Katie Mansfield

I would love to visit your booth. Have a great summer. Enjoy your time with your boys.