Staging a Retail Space

Hello Friends!

You all know I have a shop space in Virginia. This is my happy place where I can fluff, stack and do things to stage furniture and accessories that normally wouldn’t be displayed the same at home.

Like opening a drawer and have rustic items peeking out.

I might hang a rusty fence above a bed for a headboard at home but in the shop it saves putting holes in the walls. I use ‘S’ hooks to hang lighter weight items from the chain link. The chain link fence hangs from three heavy duty Monkey Hooks.

I found out about Monkey Hooks when I was styling homes in Connecticut. They are sometimes called Hercules hooks. Find them with framing and picture hanging items at the hardware store. If you haven’t tried them, when you do you will thank me!

If you remember in a previous post I showed our apartment with this enormous dining table in it. Well, we moved it here for better use of space. It takes up floor space here and it is now for sale (again).  It also provides a place for small items to be displayed at different heights.

I covered the stained top with a drop cloth to protect the table. No chairs are included with it so it makes for even more space to layer items for sale. Underneath decor is one of my favorite things to add to spice up empty space between table legs. I pick up baskets and magazine racks for that as I hunt for treasures.

I pay for the square footage at the shop so I may as well get the most out of my investment.

I try to think of the way I like to shop as I place my merchandise. I am not the shopper who likes to ask for assistance if I can’t reach something. I will buy more if I can just grab it easily.

Rather than hanging things that I have multiples of they go in baskets or, in this case, a doll cradle. I like the way they look clustered together and it keeps my walls free for bigger items. Customers can just grab one to purchase without any inconvenience.

It looks busy for a home but for shopping it looks like you might find something unique here – like that angel made out of a pillar.

I have a friend who is in this business too. She is rotating her merchandise and I am thankful that she calls me to come pick through her cast offs to purchase. Adding some of her funky pieces breaks up my tendency to add minimal color. A little whimsy is good. A statement piece is always great!

Ms. Angel is hollow inside so the top was open. I nailed some burlap inside and around the hole to create a pocket for her “hair”.  LOL! My pots on hand were not quite the right size. Seasonal living plants would be super cute too. She’s like a chia pet only a chia vintage angel.

Our high school took down an old chain link fence last summer. Another friend is on the booster club and let me know that they were going to call to get some junk picked up. “No, no – wait!” I cried.

The fence was rusty, heavy and quite a test of patience to work with (I am current on my tetanus shot) but not only did I get one rolled out to hang on the wall, I decided to keep the other piece rolled up leaning against the wall – it’s anchored there so it doesn’t fall over on one of our customers – that would be a hot mess. Again – “S” hooks are my best friends when I need a random place for smaller items.

Some of these displays would work to decorate at home too. An old ladder with a floral basket and Spanish moss hanging from it. I even like to layer my mantel with empty frames, mirrors and greens.

The fixed door and awning might work in a bedroom. A big item that just stays put like that is a great way to fill a wall without having to hang art or lots of pictures. Gallery walls are beautiful but they are easy to get wrong too. In a shop – I believe that permanent pieces are a must to save the walls. It creates a consistent back drop that compliments what you want to sell.

This could be done at home….why not take an old basket, top it with a wreath and throw in a lantern? It works, it’s interesting.

I like unexpected items displayed together and at different heights to keep the customers eye moving all over. Some people may think it looks strange  – but they do look.

I hope you enjoyed shopping my space. We don’t have on line shopping yet but if you see something you love you can leave me a comment and I will get back with you.

Thanks for stopping by and have a super fun day!


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At Rivercrest Cottage

You have some wonderful things for sale there. The signs peak my interest as does the table. Good luck with your sales and treasure hunting.


Wow- Holly- It looks really nice. You have done a nice job staging everything there. I have always been a bit afraid to try those Hercules hooks. They always looked so flimsy to me that I was afraid to hang anything of heft or any important pictures on them. It's a big job to keep a shop up but it looks like you are doing good of it.Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana

Karen MotherK

I can't wait until you have an on-line shop!! Your arrangements are wonderful!!

Brenda Pruitt

You've done great with your space, Holly! I've never had a space in retail, but I sure love shopping them!Brenda