Try This Extreme Layered & Chipped Paint Technique

Yes…that wild paint job above was definitely on purpose!
A few years ago I saw this piece in a show home in the Utah Parade of Homes. I have meant to re-create a similar piece ever since (the photo is crappy – it’s old).

With that as my inspiration – I came up with this technique to accomplish that dramatic weathered look.

Starting with a wood dresser that was already stained dark brown I just sanded it down to take away the glossy finish. On just the drawers I randomly gooped on Vaseline in large chunks leaving just enough wood to take the white spray paint that went on next. I covered the whole fronts of each drawer in white spray even on top of the Vaseline.
I mixed an “oops” turquoise paint color with lots of Plaster of Paris in a cup and painted a thick, but not even, layer of turquoise color over the white sprayed areas where I could see the wood was drinking in paint. Avoid the goopy petroleum jelly areas at this point if possible.
I even used “flipping” sort of motions with my saturated brush to get splattered paint spots.
Once the paint dried completely (which was fast due to the plaster in the paint and the dry sunny day) I used my five in one tool to scrape the Vaseline off. This is very messy so grab a roll of towels.
You get the idea?
Then sand so the surface is pretty smooth.
Next came some dark walnut stain. I brushed it on over the wood and paint then quickly, before it gets a chance to dry, wipe it of with a t-shirt. Immediately follow with polycryilic and continue to wipe it down and reapply polycrylic until you have the antiqued look you desire. The polycrylic is clear so it helps to dilute the stain.
The stain and polycrylic sealed the paint and toned down the brightness. They dried well together on top of the gritty, dry plaster mixer.
My husband was asking me why I wanted to scrape away so much blue paint. 🙂 Sometimes I just don’t have words or reason why I do what I do. I just have to go with the inspiration without any real explanation.
And in this case – it worked out just as I was hoping it would.
Thanks for reading! 🙂
Happy creating and painting!

For more creative paint techniques CLICK HERE.

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Lawanna Brown

Holly, so fun and unique. I did get brave and tried chalk painting some picture frames. I wish now that I would have followed your advise and put the base paint thicker. I love the look and appreciate your hard work and knowledge of paint. love ya, mom


It turned out gorgeous… and I think sometimes it turns out better if I don't over think it and just go with the flow!! Had an afternoon with nothing to do so spending some time and catching up with my online friends. Good to see you!!

Love how this turned out, Holly. xo Laura


I love it. I tried the vaseline trick on a frame once but I was more spotty with the vaseline and didn't like the result as much. Your drawers look amazing. I have a chest of drawers waiting to be painted, maybe I'll do that. Thanks for the inspiration.I do have one question though… you mention spray paint. Thats usually oil paint, did you use oil paint for the entire project or water based paint?Thanks!

At Rivercrest Cottage

Love the weathered paint on both your piece and the inspiration piece. Years ago I saw something like this done by painting the furniture and before it dried, they sprayed it with a hose.


Oh I just love it! The way you made that paint look so worn is great. I never would've guessed that it wasn't original to the piece.

Tabatha McCaffrey

That is such a unique piece. I would love for you to share it on Hope to see you there!

Gee Singh Newbanks

LUV this Holly.