A Wedding, 50th Anniversary Party and Good News

Hey Blog Friends!
This has been the craziest summer!  Lots of happy things going on.. I will start with this beautiful wedding for my nephew, Parker and new wife, Lizzy.

Aren’t they so cute? A beautiful wedding reception was held in this gorgeous yard.

A cake bar was served. The cakes were so yummy! Sweet idea!

Congratulations to Parker and Lizzy!

Next came the 50th Anniversary Party for my parents. Here is what we did for them.

My parents used to take us on vacation to Park City, Utah every summer and my mom would dress us in matching shirts that said Families are Forever on them. So my sister and I thought it would be fun to do that again.

Even the grand kids wore shirts! We rented a big condo and stayed the weekend.

(Baby E. )

I know it’s a little corny to wear matching shirts but it was a silly gesture that made the event more memorable.. I ordered the shirts through Custom Ink. Their website was easy to use and we got our shirts right on time.

The front reads Families are Forever est 1965 & the back says Happy 50th Anniversary 2015.

We all wrote down some of our favorite memories and put them in a scrap book for our parents to keep – 50 of our Favorite Memories. We had cake, yummy food and tons of fun!

The Alpine slide was amazing. This town used to be a little sleepy in the summer season when I was little but not anymore.
Happy 50th to my Mom and Dad!

Now…the news I have been waiting for…

We are moving back to Utah!!! I can hardly believe it myself. My family lives there so I am super excited to live close to them. I found a house that I can’t wait to share with you. When I describe my new house words like Nordic Mountain House come out of my mouth. 🙂
I will miss my friends here in VA and my shop space but this is a great opportunity for me and my family.
So I won’t be posting much until we get there but enjoy your summer, be safe and come back!!!
Thanks for dropping by!

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Your family is the cutest ever. I just love your parents. So excited you are moving back!!! Maybe when things calm down we could go to lunch, with your mom even. I'd love to see you!!!


P.S. How is Parker married? When I first met him he was barely crawling. Crazy.


P.S. How is Parker married? When I first met him he was barely crawling. Crazy.


Your family is the cutest ever. I just love your parents. So excited you are moving back!!! Maybe when things calm down we could go to lunch, with your mom even. I'd love to see you!!!


I'm just catching up on all your exciting news! (I've been kinda offline myself lately) I am so thrilled that you are moving back home! Cannot wait to see the new place!!! Good luck with the move! ~Kim

Michelle Wilkes

Congratulations! I actually grew up in Utah also, and loved it. Would love the chance to move back, but I think Texas will always be our home now. Can't wait to see what you do with your new home! I love your style and have enjoyed following your blog. If you open a booth somewhere in Utah, maybe I can finally shop there! I still have parents and a brother there!

lisa f

Wonderful news! Are your boys excited about the move? The suspense of waiting to see your new home decorated and the fun you'll have creating each room.Congratulations on the move. looking forward to seeing it all come together.

Lauren TheEndearingHome

Looks like you are having a truly wonderful summer! Congratulations on your exciting news that you will be moving and closer to your family. Can't wait to see your new home, it sounds beautiful!


Holly,What a sweet way to celebrate with your family and your mom and Dad's 50th. So sweet. Good luck with the move and I will be so excited to see your new home. What an exciting journey ahead for all of you.Kris

Katie Mansfield

I am so excited for you. I can't wait to see what you do with your new house.


What a wonderful way to celebrate your parents Holly and Congrats on the move back home! We would love to move back home but doubt that will ever happen.

Christine Vandormolen

Sweet Holly, did you just say Nordic Mountain House??? I am full of envy already!!!! Sweet pictures and good to get an update on you. Summers are crazy, I haven't been blogging much either. Its a full time job just trying to read my blog roll for the day!!! Can;t wait to see your new house and all the best to you. xoxoxox

reFresh reStyle

What a fun summer and fabulous family!Debbie


Good grief! This is a lot to take in! First, your nephew and his bride look so sweet together. Congratulations to your parents too. They look so young for 50 years together. That is a WONDERFUL milestone and one not everyone gets to achieve. I'm so happy for you to be able to move closer to your family! I'm sure your kids will enjoy that as well. I've never been to Utah, but have seen how pretty it is. I can't wait to see your new house! I look forward to seeing pics after you get settled. Don't keep us… Read more »


You've really had a wonderful time this summer Holly, and brought back happy memories of my father's 80th birthday party. He was quite a character, and we has so many funny pictures of him, that everyone picked a favorite and we had them put on t-shirts. All of us kids, including grand kids, wrote a special letter to him, and I made a scrapbook of his special day and tucked each letter inside with each persons picture with him. It's now my keepsake of the most special man I had in my life. Congratulations on your move! How exciting!!

Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking

I think the matching t-shirts are wonderful! Best of luck as you pack and move… hope you are happy in your new home.

Leslie Harris

Wow Holly that IS big news! Congratulations it sounds like a great opportunity, your family must be so happy too! Good luck keep us posted. And happy 50th anniversary to your parents!

Cheryl Thornton

Congrats Holly! I followed you through one move…I will certainly do it again! Can't wait to see the new house and how you decorate it!Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

Amanda {Kids and Cabernet}

Sounds like you all have been up to a lot of fun, congrats on the move – it's great being close to family!