Old Window Headboard

Last weekend my family and I stayed at a darling cottage.  While we were there – I made this headboard with an old window. Here is how…

You might remember my bedroom from our last house.
I explained a little about how I made it in the original post but this time around I took a few photos so you can see the best way to get the big window to safely sit above your head while you sleep.
First – find your window. If you don’t know where to look you can read THIS post to get an idea.
 The best way to hang something heavy on the wall is to cut a long piece of wood at a 45 degree angle by using a table saw. Screw 1 part into a few wall studs – the other into the decoration you are hanging.  The two pieces of wood will sit securely together like one piece again. I painted the wall piece white in this case because I could see it through the window glass – it started out dark. It blends with the wall better white.
By using a level – you can draw a line with a pencil down the wall where the stud is so that once the window is up you can use corner brackets to secure the bottom part of the window into the same studs below.  Wall studs are about 14 inches apart and you can tell where one is by where the outlets are. Use a stud finder to mark them as you measure out 12, 14 or 16 inches to find other studs. I use a monkey hook to poke into the sheet rock to make sure I got my markings right.
I used different widths of wood to layer around the window. I used a nail gun and air compressor to attach them right on the wall. No miter cuts were necessary. Stacking the wood was easy – I didn’t buy fat pieces – I started at the outer edge with a 1×6 of pine and worked my way in. Use scrap wood spacers behind the layers if you need to.
Paint the wood one color and caulk the seems. That will make it look like one big chunky piece. I distressed this one with my orbital sander and accented parts of the wood with a darker stain by using a tiny paint brush and wiping it quickly while wet with a t-shirt so it blends.
I added a shelf with old candle holders and small corner brackets. You will need a reliable level for this project and don’t forget to use it often to check your work.
You can slide your bed up against the wall piece or take your mattresses off of your existing frame and use a standard frame or cinder blocks at the height you like.
From the side it looks like this.
This is a super cute look for a cottage.
You can’t be afraid of using a few tools for this project but it goes fast once you get going. I am not great at tutorials but there is not a right or wrong way to do this. Just make sure it is level and safe. 🙂