Fall, Men and A Few Shop Pictures

Happy Friday!!!! I am sharing some pictures of items that are around the shop where I am a vendor.

But first just check out my little boys…We went searching for a pumpkin farm a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t open yet but we had to check out the pumpkins still growing on the vine. This is my son, Ben’s favorite thing!

I rarely get a smile but here it is….



My little guys are men.  It happened so fast. Can you believe they are twins? I sure love them. It has been such an adjustment for me to mother teenagers. Their needs are so different and mostly I feel like they don’t need me at all. We are settling into school and making a life here and all is looking good so far (if our house would just start already)
While we patiently wait for my house to get built – I will show you shop photos. We approved the final drawing of the home and now – permits and architectural committee needs to approve. The process feels slow.

I took my camera in to get looked at yesterday and turns out – it was fine – operator error. On my way home I stopped by The Lazy Daisy to take these pictures.

I have been super busy updating the entry way of the shop. A few years ago I painted a diamond pattern on the floor and I wanted the walls to match.

I hung that nesting cage on the wall too. It looks very Farmhouse-ee!



This desk is painted with Waverly Chalk Paint in Cashew. I love that color but I think it’s too yellow for some people.  To me it looks genuinely old.

I haven’t touched this piece with paint yet. It’s so beautiful in natural wood.


Those wheels would charm up any little piece! Not all of these items belong to me but I thought you might like to see.

This weekend we are taking our boys up to Connecticut. They wanted to go to The Durham Fair. Fair season in New England is so fun and we have missed it for the last several years. I am excited to hit some of our favorite places like Essex, our town beach. We rented a little beach cottage and even Mazi gets to go.

I am nervous that I will be so sad that we don’t live there anymore. However, we love where we live in VA – apartment living? Not so much but…

Just a few more…





I uploaded so many pictures…Well, at least my camera is working. Maybe you see something inspirational too.
I hope you have a fun weekend. I am planning to take some pictures to share with you. Looking forward to some New England Charm!!!


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Holly Browning

If only they didn't jump every time I try to touch their hand or hug them (eye roll)….I didn't have enough time or experience to know how I would do with parenting teenagers. Thank you for stopping by…LOVE hearing from you. Hugs…

Holly Browning

Midlothian Virginia – The Lazy Daisy Gift Store. If you see some you love and want more info send me an email at hbrowning 72@gmail.com

Carol Bartlett

Holly, your posts are always a feast for the eyes. I can't get enough. And those boys…wow…all grown up into handsome young men. You must be one proud mama. 🙂


Love the pictures of your shop. Where is the shop located or can we buy items? Hope you have a safe and fun trip this weekend.

Katie Mansfield

Have a great weekend. I'm so glad that they are adjusting. I love the pictures of your shop.


I have one teenager and one who just left that stage. Moms are always needed, just in different ways, I have found. It is an adjustment. I love the look of your shop and best of luck with the house!

Holly Browning

Thank you Mary Alice. I love hearing from you.

chateau chic

Hi Holly,A mom is Always needed, it just looks different as they grow up. Your shop booth looks fabulous…of course! Have a great weekend. Sounds like a treat for your whole family.Mary Alice