Sofa Table Made w/ Wood Scraps

Happy weekend friends! We are having the most beautiful weather here in Virginia. The windows are open and a fresh breeze is blowing through the house. I love these days. This post isn’t about the weather but when it’s nice out that means I get to create comfortably outdoors.

Remember in THIS POST I framed in our kitchen refrigerator in the house we rent? Well, I took the wood out, which was super easy BTW and you can read the OTHER POST on how I made it a temporary enclosure. I am working on getting our rental back to it’s original condition. (no big plans yet but …. that story is for another day)

The only plan I had in place for this project was the size but as far as style goes, like most of the time I just wing it.
I start with a top that measures the length of our sofa (85 inches) and the legs are 2×4’s sliced in half lengthwise and cut down to the height that was 1/2 inch shorter than the back of our sofa (the wood structure part, not the cushions).

My goal was to use only the scraps of wood I already had. Instead of using metal “L” brackets to fasten the corners together I cut 1x’s or 2X4’s at a 45 degree angle and used 1 1/4 inch and 2 inch wood screws to put it all together.

I love to pull my saws out onto the driveway and just start cutting wood and fastening it together as I go. In the picture above you can see that my wood has already been used in other places but now comes together to make a unique table. I had in mind a picture that I pinned a long time ago…

so pretty
As I looked for this photo in my pin board I saw a lot of cool tables that I am sure have inspired me too. You can view and follow that board by clicking HERE.
Another table that I made years ago was in that board also.
Easy to make sofa table (my blog)
That was my first piece of furniture that I ever built from scratch.(bad quality picture =/ )
So this new scrap wood sofa table is sort of a mix of the two.
Once I had a structure put together that I liked then I sanded it, barely painted some of it with a light grey and then rubbed stain over most of it to make the exposed wood dark and rich. (see paint techniques HERE)
The corners are hammered in so they are more rounded and rough.
On one side the table has more dark wood showing through. (I sanded that bottom middle section more after this photo).
Here’s the other side. The wood pieces were already painted white from it’s previous life.
Here are some close ups to show how the corners meet and how the center piece looks.
I am sharing lots of pictures for those “visual” people like myself.
There are seams and screws that show and the sides aren’t identical at all but I love a rough & sturdy piece of furniture with one of a kind character that’s hand made and re-loved!
I hope you enjoyed this post. 
Thanks for stopping by!