Preserved Boxwood Makeover

I made this boxwood out of one that I purchased at TJMaxx several years ago.

See the topiary tree in the far right corner? It was pretty at first but it wasn’t so beautiful after our move.
So I took it apart and made two small boxwoods with the green stems.
I purchased two urns from a garden store and the foam balls & vine wreaths from JoAnne’s. I used liquid nails to secure the wreath to the urn and hot glue to attach the foam balls to each wreath.. Then picked each stick of boxwood leaves off the tree and placed them into my little foam balls.
I had plenty of green to go around…twice!
I will find another place for the rest of the greens. (see HERE)

Love it!
Two is better than one.
They are perfect for my covered porch.
Preserved Boxwoods require a little maintenance. I will take better care of these little beauties with a spritz of water now and then to keep them moist.
What a gorgeous day it was to craft on the porch.

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  1. Two is always better than one my crafty friend :-)They are adorable… and you have more to use for more projects as well. Looking at my empty urns on their pedestals… Hmmm… ideas running amok. Here's to a great week. Hugs, GeeAnd yes! A loud YES!!! Bring on Spring. Today was beautiful… can use a week of the same.

  2. They look great! You were so clever to make something new from the one you had because these are a bit pricey. I know because I recently purchased several in 3 different sizes, none of which are as large as the ones you made. I'm going to remember that I need to spritz them now and then. Thanks!

  3. Great idea! I just painted a couple urns that sit on my porch today and wondered what to do with them! Thanks for the inspiration!p.s. new to your blog… it!

  4. Genius! I love it. I've been hunting for a boxwood style topiary for my front entry lately but can usually find only one. This gives me an idea of how I can turn one into two! Thank you.

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