Make a Pine Cone, Gold and Star Garland

An easy, festive garland for the mantel or Christmas tree.
Twine, Pine-cones with screws in the top, gold bulbs and stars.

While my family and I watched Home Alone 2 last night – I put together this simple garland.
1- dollar store gold bulbs 2- pine cones with a screw in each 3- stars from tassels
I used twine from the dollar store to tie these three items together at about 4 inches apart.
(do you like Squidward’s eyes peaking at us?)
At the end of our mantel I attached the garland to little hooks.
(this is why I love my own rustic mantel – I don’t worry about making little holes in it)
The real beauty here is that we actually have a flame in our fireplace.
(our fireplace was fixed this week – yay!)
So warm and cozy!
Simple – using affordable decor and natural elements.Β 
Baby…it’s cold outside today!
You can see how to make Muslin Knot Garland HERE.
and a Homemade Winter Garland with cotton HERE.
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26 Replies to “Make a Pine Cone, Gold and Star Garland”

  1. I love this! We just finished building a mantle and I can't wait to decorate it. Love Squidward's eyes too! Dee πŸ™‚

  2. I was wondering how to hang pinecones, thanks for these photos…also is that SpongeBob I see on the TV?I love that guy, Patrick too. It's been awhile since they've been on our screen.:)

  3. I love your pine cone garland. I had hoped to get out and get some pine cones picked up from under our trees but not sure I will make it now. We have a bit of snow but it is SOOO COLD! I love the way your garland looks on your fireplace. Beautiful! xo Diana

  4. Your garland looks perfect across your mantel! I'm also liking the tall lantern on your coffee table. And yes, it was soooo cold today!Mary Alice

  5. Love it, I am currently adding icicles and stars to my front window…..I may just have to copy cat your idea and add some pine cones….Thanks so much for sharing it!

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