Make a Pine Cone, Gold and Star Garland

An easy, festive garland for the mantel or Christmas tree.
Twine, Pine-cones with screws in the top, gold bulbs and stars.

While my family and I watched Home Alone 2 last night – I put together this simple garland.
1- dollar store gold bulbs 2- pine cones with a screw in each 3- stars from tassels
I used twine from the dollar store to tie these three items together at about 4 inches apart.
(do you like Squidward’s eyes peaking at us?)
At the end of our mantel I attached the garland to little hooks.
(this is why I love my own rustic mantel – I don’t worry about making little holes in it)
The real beauty here is that we actually have a flame in our fireplace.
(our fireplace was fixed this week – yay!)
So warm and cozy!
Simple – using affordable decor and natural elements. 
Baby…it’s cold outside today!
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