Old Fence Features in the Laundry Room

Any time I can improve my ‘doing laundry’ experience – I will. Let me show you my latest projects for storage and folding laundry by using an old wooden fence.
I recently stacked my washer and dryer, which gave more room for a table. You can see that post HERE to see the difference. I fold lots of laundry for my family and I wanted a large space to spread it all out.
So I topped (4) 4×4’s with a section of old fencing that I had used in Luke’s Room and to Frame in My Fridge. I used a 1×2 on the front to make it look more finished and cross beams on two ends to make the legs more sturdy. The little iron bracket you can see in the photo below is more for decoration.
Underneath fits the garbage and an end table to store bleach, softeners and dryer sheets.
Above the table hangs the piece of the fence that I cut down to fit it into this space. I used an iron nail button to secure a little wire basket to the center of it.
I got hooked on these Tide laundry soap pods while staying with my mom this past summer. So I can store them here for easy reach.
Or use the basket for fresh flowers.
That ‘sock’ bucket (aka sock hell) works great for odd socks waiting for their mate to make it through a batch of laundry. I didn’t want to take up my valuable folding space so I used ‘s’ hooks and a chain to raise the bucket up and over the shelf bar above.
The wooden drying rack fit right under the window. I love having a window in the laundry room.
The laundry room feels open, easy to work in and bright with a rustic edge of style.
Maybe that will help me want to do more laundry…
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[…] because I used to be able to stack the dryer on top of it because it was a front loader (see post HERE). I was happy because I didn’t like the front load so we got a top loader without the […]

Jumping Jack Flash

Is the rod (to hang clothes) attached from the wall to the dryer? Or is there something in between the dryer and the rod?

Jumping Jack Flash

Is the rod (to hang clothes) attached from the wall to the dryer? Or is there something in between the dryer and the rod?


Everything looks awesome!! Where did you get the plant hanger that is attached to the table?


Another great laundry room makeover using old season lumber what a great ideal. Thanks for sharing Suspenser.


Your fence-turned table is so pretty! Love that sock bucket 😉 It *might* be big enough to hold all the mismatched socks we produce around here!

Jen Ham

Oh my, I absolutely love it!!! So creative! xo Jen

Down to Earth Style

Paintaholic – those nail buttons were purchased at Rod Works in Utah but you can get them at Hobby Lobby, too.


Looks GREAT!! Love that sock bucket…so smart 🙂


Gorgeous!!! Just wondering where you purchased the iron nail button? So cute!!!!!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot

this is fantastic great looking space. The fence and basket on the wall…adorable. Those little Tide thingies are cute on their own…colorful. 🙂 Pat

Gypsy Heart

Cute, cute!! Lots of special touches that make this room so unique.xoPat

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate

Love all the touches that you added to your laundry room.The table is so awesome. And that sock bucket, I so need one of those. Thanks for sharing!Have a wonderful weekend!Sandi


I love this! Or can I say your home! Found you on Funky Junk. newest follower!Shellyminettesmaze.blogspot.com

Tanya Runkle

I love the clean, white appliances with rustic touches. Just beautiful!!

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Really loving that table! And the sock bin is such a great idea, not to mention adorable!


Love the basket idea, clever and practical! The laundry room is coming along perfectly. Diane

Sally LoveOfHomes

I love the table & \”sock\” bucket! A cute laundry room definitely helps with that chore!Sally

chateau chic

This is great, Holly! Love your rustic work table and the wall piece. I can hardly turn around in my laundry closet. :-)Mary Alice


I know I would enjoy doing laundry if mine looked like that. Love the idea of adding the folding area and adorable sock bucket. I use those Tide pods too. They are great!

Shabby chic Sandy

I love it–the sock bucket is perfect..love the fence boards! Great job!

Karen Thompson

Love it!

Susan Homeroad

Beautiful! I love the sock bucket… my sock basket was so full I ended up throwing them all away and starting again with new socks :)Susan

Becky M

Oh my goodness I love this! I am saving this for future reference! Such a cute laundry room!agirlandhersparkles.blogspot.com


A perfect combination of county chic and organized, modern life. Love it!


Love your table. I am for anything that makes me actually want to do laundry. I long for Anna's Wee Wash It where my grandmother sent all of her laundry. That woman knew what she was doing. xo Laura

Gee Singh Newbanks

Nice!! You have put that bit of fencing through it's paces 🙂 Luv where it has come to end up now. I have had my laundry room on the to do list for so long! Hopefully this Fall it will get done. Hugs, Gee

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage

Love your rustic folding table! I sure wish I lived close by so you could teach me how to build stuff!


What a great looking laundry room. How cute everything is. I miss my old stack units-They took up so little room! Love that sock basket-it is just too cute- xo Diana

Donna L

Looks great! You have a lot more folding space now and the height seems better for folding too 🙂

Christine Vandormolen

best lookin laundry room over…..that sock basket is the icing on the cake!