Custom Frame in Your Fridge

After working in kitchen design and home building for a time – I can recognize small details that can make all the difference in a kitchen. A stock kitchen can look more custom by just adding a refrigerator end panel for not much money. I am going to show you how I did one after the fact and it is removable – for when we move.

This is the fridge that came with this house. Look how deep and big it is.
I used a small fence section to hide the side and make it look built in. But we brought our old refrigerator from our other house in and I like it much better.
This is an  older model but it is a shallow or cabinet depth style. Totally worth the extra money if you are shopping for a fridge. I recently built in the fridge with pine wood and trim I had in the garage.
Here is a profile view from one side. Only the door of the fridge protrudes into the floor space of our kitchen. I chose a white color to match the walls and to brighten up and break up all the wood color.
It looks all built in and custom.
All of the original cabinetry is still in tact. I will show you in a separate post how I made this open shelf and side panel that is completely removable.
Cabinets above the fridge that are only 12 inches deep are hard to reach – this new open shelf that is pulled forward makes it easy to grab any items I decide to store there.
The shelving can be functional and decorative.
I boxed the top in going all the way to the ceiling so it makes my standard cabinets have a staggered style.
Click Here to see how I did it.

You can view another open shelf idea for the kitchen HERE.
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  1. such a huge diffence—love it, holly! our kitchen is so small–the cabinet depth fridge is something we are looking at. does it hold everything well?

  2. Lynn…The cabinet depth fridge holds more. It is wide and items don't get lost in the deep back shelves that are hard to see. I love mine but I know the price difference can be a lot. I would give up the water and ice dispenser for it, though. The freezer drawers are more convenient too. You can see everything you have in there. This is all just personal opinion.

  3. Are you familiar with the term \”Unfitted Kitchen\”? Where all the cupboards in the kitchen look like pieces that were collected over time. that shot of your kitchen (with the low cupboard, built-ins, and fridge surround…makes your contemporary kitchen look \”unfitted\” I mean that as a compliment….:) It looks great. Pat

  4. Great tip! It really makes your kitchen look much more professional!I hope you will stop by StoneGable and share this at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS! Link goes live Wednesday evening at 8:00 pm.

  5. Ok… mouth hanging open here. ON his to do list ( the Mr's) is the panel you made with the fencing. Scrap that!!! I want this one now. :-)Only my plan /sketch has a wine rack above the fridge instead. Looks marvelous Holly!!!Hugs, Gee

  6. yup, you did it again…leaving me with my mouth hanging wide open as I am sipping my morning coffee……..since you have this mastered now, you can come visit me and do the same to my fridge, RIGHT??? I LOVEEEEE this! xoxoxox

  7. This is a fabulous idea! So clever to use the fence. I don't think I would have thought of that. You really made it look custom! Please consider sharing this tomorrow on Stylish Friday Finds!Karen

  8. Hey Holly! Love the new look, those cabinets above the fridge are kind of a waste of space, this looks much more functional and updated! I can't wait to see what you will do with your own home, if you do this with a rental! Hope all is well my friend. Hope to be back blogging soon myself… sometimes life just gets in the way!!!Hugs,Pendra

  9. This post made me follow you! Oh how I love this idea, you have given me an idea to solve 2 porblems in my kitchen!! Love this idea!!! Now I have to look around your blog and see what other ideas I can find!

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