What do you do with old relics?

I found a few things at a moving sale last weekend. One old little relic I picked up that I just love is…

…a copper belt buckle that is still attached to a portion of it’s original leather belt.


I nailed it to a white painted piece of old wood. What else would you do with it?

Maybe I could tie it around a candle with rope?
Sometimes things catch my eye that may look like garbage or just strange to some people but this is real copper and real leather. Both elements together? It looks cool to me..I had to take it home.

Put it on a wooden tray with driftwood from Jenny Lake in Yellowstone and a topiary – they compliment each other because of the rustic, natural textures & style of each plus the staggered sizes.

Would you have over looked this at a tag sale?

I like to have my kids find out the value of some of my found treasures. They have fun searching on line to see how much something similar would sell for. Keeps them busy (for two minutes).

Thanks for stopping by to view my junk treasure. 🙂


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At Rivercrest Cottage

I heard there is a bird (maybe a blue Jay?) that grabs little things that it sees. Perhaps we are all like that bird in some way. I have had to stay away from garage sales and thrift shops until I do something with all my little treasures. I think your idea of nailing it to the wood was adorable.

Burlap Luxe

I think this is a first visit in a very long time, yet I have visited you way back when. The belt buckle is really cool, I love this piece, almost kind of like how I made some old glasses attached to a piece of wood and I thought that piece ended up pretty cool.You have a keen eye for pieces that fall in the category of Art! And you used it in an artful way. A Great Wall piece or nested in a cabinet book case.I too would have snagged it up.XxDore

Katie Mansfield

Rustic and beautiful. Reminds me of a simpler time. I might have picked it up too and have seen some cute stuff with old belts.

Barbara Jean

That is totally something I would pick up. Love it how you have it, or as part of a collage of like things would be wonderful too.thanks for the sweetness…and lesson on enjoying simple old things.blessingsbarb

ImSoVintage Laura Walker

THat's a great idea for it. I'm always picking up old relics. THey usually sit around for awhile until I get some kind of inspiration for them. xo Laura


That's a unique way to display that buckle! I like how you displayed it with the other items on the tray.


Hello Holly, that is just beautiful & so eye catching with the way you have repurposed it. I love it. My friend gathered several old mens belts/buckles from Thrift shops & tied them around a large planter pot which looked great in her rustic lounge room, with a dark green fern in the pot.


Isn't that cute? I would have probably picked it up, too. I love little bits and pieces like that. xo Diana