Transferring an Image onto Furniture with Wax Paper

Have you tried transferring an image onto furniture? I have wanted to for so long but it was a little bit out of my comfort zone.

There actually aren’t many DIY projects that are out of my comfort zone but I was having a hard time freehand sketching this image onto a little-bity chair that I was refinishing.  Michele at Shelstring Blog inspired me to try transfers when she made THIS project. I didn’t have carbon paper but I did have wax paper.

I took that piece of paper and sprayed it with Elmer’s adhesive spray and pasted wax paper onto it. (oops! Looks like I even got a piece of my hair in between the two papers – awh well – we’re not eating it)
I cut the edges down with my paper cutter so it would feed through the printer.

Right from the printer I laid it on the dry white paint and pressed it down for a minute. Then carefully lifted the wax paper off – I actually could NOT believe it really transferred. I was so excited! The bunnies are softer looking like a pencil sketch but the saying is really the focus of this chair. (the words were done with THIS technique)

Once the ink dried (seemed to take a really long time) I carefully brushed clear satin polycrylic over top the whole seat. If you use polyurethane over white it will yellow.

That finished off my little chair that has been waiting to go up to our shop space for over a month.

HERE’S AN IMPORTANT NOTE: This project was my first time trying this technique and I really didn’t read any particular instructions but please see The Graphics Fairy for expert transferring advice and some beautiful graphics ready to print (even reversed!) She’s good!!!!

Well… these snow days are really bugging me, I feel like a sunny vacation but instead I’ll catch up on Downton Abby laundry.

Enjoy your weekend!


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Christine Vandormolen

hoppin over from Little Brags…you do know you have my full attention when mentioning bunnies……LOVE THIS!!!! Need a extra large sized Bunny chair for me…..


so cute, holly–tfs:)

Angie Chavez

That turned out darling, Holly! I haven't tried a wax paper transfer, so I'll have to give it a shot.


Holly,This is the sweetest piece ever. It will sell quickly.Stay warm and have a wonderful Sunday.Kris


I have not tried this technique, but I plan to now! Your little chair is just darling!

Shabby chic Sandy

How fun–I am obsessed with Image Transfer from Artisitic Expressions right now. So fun!


That is so cute1 I have no doubt that it will sell quickly. I've never transferred a graphic to a piece of furniture. Thanks for the tutorial.

ImSoVintage Laura Walker

I've always been afraid to try transfers too, but this I might do (there are a lot of things out of my comfort zone)xo Laura

Gee Singh Newbanks

Wonderful!!!I have never tried transfer… intimidated :0Might have to give it a try …


That turned out great. I have never tried that transfer method before. Is that using an inkjet printer or laser printer? I am thinking inkjet~Have a wonderful Saturday- xo Diana


I am a huge fan of blogging tutorials and this one is something that I may want to try. Thank you. In the three years that I have been blogging I have learn so much for my sister bloggers. I can not image life without you all:)Have a great weekend.Connie 🙂




Hello my long lost friend! Did you think that I had died and gone to crafting heaven? Rest assured, I have kept track of all the amazing things you've been doing… and I hope that 2015 will be a wonderful year for you and yours. Love the chair, as usual, your workmanship is spot on. xoxo jules

Michele Alger

You did it!!! I love it…so funny that we try similar things at the exact same time. I just used the freezer paper techenique and will be sharing it on my blog this week. LOVE the adorable chair! 😉 *hugs*