Recovering Dining Chairs

Hello there! I don’t know about you but I am done with this winter weather. Our internet and cable went out last week while the kids were out of school b/c of the snow. It forced us to find other things to do. We survived and I got something done that has been hanging over my head.

This dining chair set of 6 has been clogging up my work space. I picked them up at a moving sale a few weeks ago for a good price and the chairs are super nice and comfortable. The fabric was not in bad shape and was quite pretty but I wanted to cover them. So here is how you do it…


1/2 yard fabric per seat cushion
staple gun

1 – Remove the cushion with your screwdriver
2 – Take off the ribbing piece if there is one. I started out being careful but ended up ripping it off by the third one.
3 – Place seat frame face down on the fabric. If using a patterned fabric, appropriately position the design on the seat cushion.
4 – Cut about three inches around your cushion so you can bring the new fabric around to the bottom side and staple it.
5 – Staple the fabric starting from the center of each side first. Pull the fabric snug around curved corners to eliminate tucks on top side of cushion.

6 – Reattach the cushion.

The table that I am putting these chairs with has two leafs and measures 107 inches long when extended. It seats eight comfortably. There were two chairs that went with the table so I refinished them in a contrasting paint color but re covered all the seats with the same pattern of fabric.

The chair styles are different but work fine together.

The table legs match the two end chairs and the cherry table top is stained in ebony. 

Once we started using this set I realized we are too messy to have upholstered fabric chairs in our breakfast nook.

Since I have rented retail space at a local shop my family is used to having “musical furniture”.  It was pretty while it lasted.

But…what will stay is this fresh lavender that I found at the garden center. It smells so good! Makes me look forward to planting fresh flowers in pots soon.
Enjoy your week!