Concrete Top Dresser

At the shop where I rent space to sell my stuff, another vendor had brought in this cute piece of furniture that came with a tri-fold mirror. I wanted the mirror and the price for the set was great.
The mirror went straight up to my bedroom but I wanted to change the top of this dresser. It was painted with a textured paint on just the top, not the edges.
After sanding the top down I realized why the texture paint was used. Β It was MDF board that had either warped or expanded so the top was uneven. Covering it with textured paint was a clever idea but I wanted to try something new.
To prepare for the following steps I sanded then scored the top with a razor blade.
I mixed up some cement patch according to the instructions on the bucket. Just add water.
After covering the surface in a thin (but thick enough so it wasn’t sheer) layer of cement I wiggled this little spackle tool back and forth to get any bubbles out of the cement. It took a little while for me to get it rather smooth – it wasn’t perfectly smooth but that was fine with me.
It looked like the above picture.
I should have worn gloves for this step but I was worried the stuff was going to dry too fast so I didn’t stop until it was ready to set up. (Why do I bother with a manicure?) I found that using my fingers along where the concrete meets the wood edge was the easiest way to sort of round off the corners. Then once I liked the way the edges blended smooth I used a wet cloth to wipe away any grit from the decorative wood edge.
I let it dry over night. The instructions say it takes 4 hours to harden.
The next morning I used a 220 grit piece of sand paper to scuff off the rough parts – I pressed too hard in a couple of areas and the cement chipped away but I liked it. I swept and vacuumed off the surface before sealing the top with water based concrete floor sealer from Home Depot. Several coats of it….like 6. It dried quickly so I was able to do this in one day.
Check out the before and after! Do you love it like I do?
During the process of the top being done I ended up roughing up the painted areas too. I wanted this to be a really unique piece of furniture with heavy distressing.
The body was sanded then glazed with ebony stain to create dramatic contrast with the areas where the wood peeks through..
I like the feminine legs and garden decal (maybe a transfer?) mixed with the rough and industrial finishes.
I was super excited to share this project with you. Cement is pretty fun to work with.
I will have to show you the tri-fold mirror in another post (once I make my bed.and clean up the laundry on the floor =/ ).
Thanks for hanging in there to the end of this post – Β πŸ˜‰
Have a great week!
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12 Replies to “Concrete Top Dresser”

  1. OOOhhh. What fun!! Cement. I have never played with that before. The first time I/we played with dry wall mud, my son and I had a 'mud' fight. Hahahaha .Adding this to my 'play' with list. Luv the way it turned out.

  2. That is SO cool! I want to do that now too but probably will never get around to… but I want to, lol. Fantastic idea!

  3. Holly, I have always liked the look of cement tops, but have never seen it on furniture. Looks great. I especially like the distressed finished product. Very cool. I wonder what the person you bought if from will think of the new look. I would be very jealous. Thanks for sharing. love ya, mom

  4. that is the cutest thing! I never would've thought to add concrete to the top. Now, it doesn't surprise me that you would think to do that though.

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