Modern-Rustic Family Room

Our family room gets rearranged more than any other room in the house. The carpet isn’t in great shape so I covered the center of it with an inexpensive black and white stripe rug. (from TJ Maxx for $49)

Some friends of ours were getting rid of this leather sofa and offered it up to us. “Yes….I want it!” Thank you!!! It is just the right scale and color for this room.
I used some industrial looking shelving to store the TV, DVD player, cable box, books and blankets.
My husband and I just removed one of the center shelves to accommodate the size of the TV.
Turning the books backwards makes them blend with the color scheme better. I saw this idea in a magazine years ago and loved it.
The growth chart, horse art and kids photos make the back wall full of personal expression and frame out the window without using curtains.
Besides the industrial shelving (which was originally purchased for THIS room) and the new/old leather sofa the rest of the room stayed the same as it has been for several months.
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Read more about that coffee table here.

I haven’t really been one for leather because I always thought it would feel cold….but so far – it’s the hottest seat in the house. (that’s my Morkie dog, Mazi)

I am loving the contrast of the dark sofas and light walls. My family can live here without leaving too many stains and scars.

Have a super fun week!!!!

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