2020 Christmas Dining Room


Hello Friends!!!

It’s feeling Christmas~ee around here. I’m sharing the dining room today.

I wish I loved to do tablescapes with pretty dishes and napkins. I don’t know why but I never do them. I love looking at a beautifully set table though. You won’t find that here but I’ll show you my very simple winter touches.

This year I bought this cabinet from a friend and painted the interior white. I’ve been watching for a big piece for this room and I love this one. I store my Christmas dishes in it and put a little wine rack there in the middle.

The little village that my mom made me is displayed in here this year too. You can read the story about the village HERE.

The cabinet lights up and the interior shelves are glass so light flows through the inside. On the above shelf I put some twinkle lights under some faux snow. I tape a light under each house so it looks like little people live inside. It’s so cute at night.

The other addition to this room is a window shelf. I have lots of live plants and they love the sun. I always feel like the window in here needs something on it like a wreath. I think the shelf will give me a fun place to decorate and my plants will be happy here too.

The trees are from Joann’s. Aren’t they pretty? I like the statement they make all bundled up together.

I don’t always keep a blanket or pillows on our dining chairs but in the winter it looks cozy. The pillow covers are super cute. They are new. I got them from H&M Home for around $6 each. They are casual and remind me of a toile print.

I hope my pictures aren’t too blurry. My eye sight has gotten so bad this year. I think it’s time for glasses, not just readers.

Once Christmas is over this room can stay just as it is for winter, don’t you think?

Since there is no wall for art I hung the gold mirror on the molding between the windows under the console and the shelf will give me a place to add decorative touches too.

Our tree is up in the family room but we still have to put the ornaments on it. Do you have yours up and decorated? I keep waiting for a night that the whole family is home so we can do it together. My boys turned 18 last week. Isn’t that crazy? One of them has a job and he works evenings so he hasn’t been home as much.

Well, I am going to share my coffee table centerpiece next.

I hope you are doing well and are ready for Christmas. This year is so different. We are alone a lot of the years but our families aren’t even getting together back home. Kind of makes me sad but soon, friends, soon we’ll have a vaccine for COVID and we can move on. I am so ready.

Enjoy the season sweet friends!