Down to Earth Accents – retail space.

Today I remembered to take my camera to the shop where I sell my creations and re-purposed furniture so I could share some pictures of my new space with you.  I love decorating a retail spot because it doesn’t have to really function and over decorating is acceptable. 🙂

The above photo is a trio of mason jars filled with natural, dried lavender. They dangle from rope in the window.

I mentioned this before but if you are new here the black triangles on the wall are decals purchased at Home Depot in the paint department. They just peel and stick to the wall.
I fill this area with larger, up-cycled pieces of furniture. It’s right up front where the customers first walk into the shop.
That huge vintage window is a back drop for accessories that are for sale.
Next to the large window is a fireplace mantel along the same wall. I painted the inside of it with black chalkboard paint.
I like the contrast and I sketched in a faux fire behind the chicken wire window and wreath.
Do you want to see what that huge chalkboard on top of the mantel shelf used to be?

Yup! A big ugly mauve and blue floral print.

I actually liked the frame and wanted to put a large scale piece above the mantel so I ended up taking this thing home from the Goodwill Store. I just sanded the texture down a little, taped off the frame, rolled then back brushed on chalkboard paint to the original print. 🙂 I love it!
I brought in some natural elements to the space to sell, too. Some preserved boxwood wreaths and natural dried lavender. They smell so good!
There is an old hanging pot holder with a twig wreath and muslin knot shades attached to it with hemp twine. There is no light coming into it anywhere but I like the look.
I love a natural, earthy fragrance. This lavender is absolutely heavenly!
A few wreaths are heart shaped for Valentine’s Day.
The colors are so fresh and vibrant.
This is another section that I use that is located right next to the check out. The items here are a little smaller – signs, end tables, etc. I took the horse canvas that was there before back home with me since I wasn’t ready to let him go to a new owner…yet.
This is an old shelf that I cut down and mounted on a 2×4 to create a center piece box. You can see THIS post for another way to up-cycled scalloped shelving or boxes.
Here’s another shelf that’s up-cycled into a storage box. You can see my circular table saw marks by the handle. Oops! I got a little close to the blade while cutting the heart embellishments off. Adding bronze handles and a bottom panel gave it a whole new look.
I snapped a few pictures of individual items that I have for sale so you can see what I fill up my retail space with. I should take more before pictures so you can see the transformations. I am having a blast creating and decorating here.  It’s so fun!
The Lazy Daisy (where I sell my stuff) is a gift shop so there is a wide variety of styles and items to buy. Our locals have been super supportive and I am so happy about that. The owner is the sweetest southern girl you’d ever meet. (btw – the picture above gives you a glimpse of the pattern I just painted on the concrete floor…another post coming soon 🙂 )
 I just refinished this desk and chair.
I even painted the hardware….I usually don’t do that but I loved that look on a chest of drawers when I saw it in the Lazy Daisy. This is my own mixture of paint with Plaster of Paris. I thought the mixture was really easy to work with and dried fast and hard.
The chair and desk are sold separately but I wanted to have them coordinate just in case a customer wants to purchase them as a set. The #23 on the seat of the chair is a stencil painted in the same color of paint as the desk.
I am loving the look of paper lined drawers. It takes a little extra time to apply it but it adds a little surprise character to each piece. I think customers appreciate it.
OK….enough for one post. I will let you move on with your day.
Thanks for taking time to peek in with me – it means a lot!

Happy weekend!

If you would like to follow along with The Lazy Daisy gift shop on line then you can like us on Facebook HERE. (lots of updates for new items coming in daily)
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Lawanna Brown

Holly, things are looking great. Makes me get a little spring fever. Everything looks fresh and cheerful. I really like that you have a window to decorate around, light makes all the difference on how things look. The extra money for that both will be way worth it. Love the lavender mason jars. Have a wonderful week. love ya, mom


You have a nice booth. Looks like you have a lot of pretty things for sale. I love the large chalkboard that you made from that picture.

chateau chic

Your space looks fantastic, Holly!! Display is so important in this business, as you obviously know, and you're an expert at making your wonderful furniture and accessories stand out.Mary Alice

Joyce - Quilted Nest

some neat stuff there for sure. I'm loving the chopped down wooden heart pieces. Especially the one w/ the glass jar candles!


Good Morning Holly,Oh how I love to see your space. I see so many wonderful treasures there. Love the dated picture and frame re loved into the chalk board. Love all your wonderful items. Sooooooo wish I lived closer!Kris


How fun to see your space and all that you have done with it! It looks fabulous!


I never get tired of your posts. I followed on facebook. You inspire me so! Happy New Year!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage

Your space looks amazing!! Love the gray desk! The lavender jars in the window are such a cool touch!

Gee Singh Newbanks

Smashing space Holly!!! And filled with some luvly stuff as well. Been awhile since I reluved pieces for the shop. Making me want to jump back in!Pity you live so far.. I see some pieces I want! :)Hugs, Gee

Michele Alger

So excited to see the fruits of your labor…what a success! Complete eye candy. Thank you for sharing!! 😉

Linda@Coastal Charm

Holly,Your spaces both looks great…you have some really neat merchandise…love that mantel.Blessings,Linda