Master Bathroom in our new house

Well HELLO friends!


Isn’t it funny how right after Labor Day the weather knows to change? It feels good and right on time.

I haven’t shared our bathroom here yet so I am just posting a few pictures of our tub area.

A lot of the homes being built around us are doing big showers and no tubs in the master bath. I love to take baths and really wanted to keep to the original floor plan.

I do wish I had moved some things around though – just a little bit.

Although we have two vanity areas, they are both really small. I also like lots of natural light by my vanity but I use the one next to the inside wall. I would have switched the vanities to be along the back of the house so we could fit a big window in between the vanities.

We didn’t upgrade anything in this room either. After we moved in I put up this wallpaper around the tub. It was left over from the dining room (HERE).

Our faucets and hardware throughout the house are brushed nickel. I do love all the brass trends but our budget was already taken up but the door knobs and everything match.


In a couple of homes we’ve lived in the tubs had jets. I found that keeping them clean was a challenge so I just have a big soaking tub.

Since chilly weather is on it’s way I will be using this tub a lot more. Nothing warms me up better than a hot bath.

Are you getting ready for fall decor yet? I pulled out a few little pumpkins but not everything.

I wanted to post this before I show you my curtains in the family room. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen them….but – I will be back soon, my friends.

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Have a cool September!