Fill Bare Flower Beds with an Upcycled Potting Bench

I once started a perennial garden from seed (here). It took a few years for the foliage to fill in nice and full but during the first seasons, when it was a little sparse, I used pots and furniture to “fill in the blanks”.

Here, at our current home, I look out the kitchen window and see this backyard garden that gets washed out by water drainage. Not much is planted right here so it seems like there are…”holes” in the landscape. I needed a place for potting flowers so I re-purposed my pallet porch table (link) into a potting bench. Adding the vintage window, paint and iron accents to it gives me a place to hang scissors & trowels. Plus, my kitchen view is much more interesting.
Stacked pots look cool to me so I brought my empty ones out. Grape vine wreaths are fun to add to the rims of pots for a little natural and rustic accent. Fresh soil is great to have on hand, too.
Stone pathways are so inviting. These stepping stones are actually resin faux stones in this garden. I chose them for the ease of transporting and then when we move they can come along. (around $3+ at Walmart)
The back of this potting bench has a rounded shelf (link to how I hung it) to hold small, broken or plastic pots for recycling. As you can see, I didn’t take time to paint the back. The window is secured in place with iron brackets that “hug” each end and corners then screw in at four different places each.
Side view – maybe not beautiful from this angle but it works. The table was quite a bit more wide than the old window was so I made two little “pillars” out of two 2×4’s and a fence post top that was cut in half. To my eye it balanced out the top and bottom sections.
The paint color is Weathersfield Moss by Benjamin Moore. 
I share some of my favorite perennials in this post.
I took these pictures after a much needed rain. Everything was covered in pollen before. Mother Nature knew we needed a little spring cleaning.
Speaking of balanced – Mazi’s legs are wet so she looks like a snow cone shaped dog (that’s how I feel in skinny jeans). =/
Have a super fun weekend!

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