Make a Garden Bench

Happy July!!!

Summer is flying by. I can’t say I’m sad about it. The heat and humidity are not my favorite. I’m missing our Virginia spring weather, honestly.

After painting our patio a few months ago (HERE) I wanted to make a spot for potting my flowers and a place to hold some small pots.

I made this bench with plywood and four fence posts that I cut down. I’m going to give you a link to a video from my Instagram stories to show you how I put that together. HERE YOU GO!

Sometimes it’s just easier to see it done.

This potting bench is not a complicated structure at all whatsoever. I modified it a few times as I went which you can see in the video (HERE). If you’ve been here awhile you know I am not a blue print kind of girl. I just wing it – mostly.

In this photo above you can see that I don’t mind seeing screw holes and with this project I didn’t even miter cut the trim corners. It’s a casual, no-fuss-build.

When I first got this garden bench put together it was just like the above photo. But after I put it here on the patio I realized I had a short section of fence that we used to use to conceal our garbage cans. I had removed it because it wasn’t working out to pull the cans around it.

I simply screwed it into the back of the bench and it makes the bench look more built into the space and I like the warm wood against the dark paint.

In the spring I had ordered some willow trees from Amazon (LINK HERE). They came as cut stems and I’ve been growing them on the patio until they get big enough to put in the ground this fall. They are going to go along the fence where we need more privacy.

Also, I learned a neat tip. I got some fresh flowers for my birthday back in March. One of my IG friends told me that if I kept the willow twigs, put them in water and in a sunny window they would grow into a tree. So sure enough, two of these willow trees are from my birthday bouquet. They are different than the willow trees I ordered and I believe they will be really big one day. That’s ok because this yard has room for it (and I’m a tree lover).

Underneath is an old bulb sifter. These are fun to use as a centerpiece on a coffee table like a tray or even as a large riser. Sometimes I put it in front of our fireplace because I love the old wood and screen. I gather pinecones from the yard to give to our little guinea pigs.

Have you seen our little cuties?

That is Maya – a shorkie that you’ve most likely seen here before. But next to her is Gizmo and the white little guy is Jefferson. Long story short – Luke rescued Gizmo from a friend and we then got him a partner because we thought he was lonely. Then – I fell in love with them. So cute!

This summer marks our 3rd year in our house that we built. Finally the yard is taking shape and it’s feeling “home-ee”. I’d love for you to follow along on Instagram HERE. I share there daily in stories. Also, I am getting back in to redoing furniture and thrifting so I am excited to share some of what I am working on very soon.

I’m happy you stopped by today! Thank you!

I’ll see you soon with an upcycled console table redo!

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