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Happy New Year!

You know ever since we moved into this new open concept house I’ve moved things around a lot! Always trying new configurations that fit the way we live.

This area has been a dining room for a long time but we moved the office and guest room up front in December so I wanted to make this area the music room once again. Especially for the holidays.

This photo above was taken last year. Our piano was in the front room with the glass French doors but it was a tight fit.


I’ve always thought the grand piano needed it’s very own room. The problem is that it’s so big that you can’t get comfortable seating in a room with it. It felt cramped however I arranged the space.


So I moved it to this open corner between our family room and kitchen. We’ve always had a lot of space here and I was always trying to put a live or faux tree there to fill it but never thought it looked quite right.


More furniture fits in here and we now have another living room with music and seating to enjoy. I couldn’t imagine this before but I was pleasantly surprised how well it all fit.


I recently painted this old pantry cabinet in Cocoon by Sherwin Williams. You can see what it was like before HERE. I thought about stripping it but there is so much wood in our house – floors, piano, huge coffee table etc. that I felt like a painted piece would help tone down all the warm wood tones.

I go rug-less as well because Maya likes to use my rugs as pretty pee pads. I also like to be able to slide my furniture around on my own and rugs make that more complicated. I don’t actually like rugs, even though they can really bring a room design together. I love my wood floors and don’t want to cover them up.


This black slip covered sofa isn’t the most comfortable piece we own because it’s newer and rarely got used. It’s getting more broken in here.

Some details that make this room have a less formal feel are the birch branches in the corner, several baskets, an old iron wheel part on the coffee table, books on the window ledge and my old coffee table. I also thought the ladder added a collected over time vibe.


Even though it was a little bit of a pain in the neck to get the piano moved, it was worth trying it in a new location. It now helps fill that big area and it blends the living spaces.

But the best part is … the talented men in my family give me live piano concerts a lot more often! Worth every bead of sweat! I am so lucky to live with such talent.


This January has been good so far. We’ve had snow here in Virginia twice and I am loving my new job. I work about three days a week and getting out feels amazing. I love meeting new people and making new friends.

I hope you have some great things going on in your new year as well.

Enjoy this wintery week and thanks for stopping by!


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