Making a Kitchen Island Look Old


Happy September!!!!

Awwwww … it’s so nice when we get days that feel like fall is here. My DIY energy lets loose when the humidity is at bay.

A few weeks ago I was asking my IG friends if I should paint my rustic kitchen island. Do you remember when I gave our standard builder island an upgrade with wood? Here’s a picture.

Kitchen Center

Last January I lightened some of the wood slats to make it a bit more rough looking than it already was. I loved it but against the wood floors it just sort of blends in.

So I decided to use the same paint on it as the green hood.


This is a mineral chalk paint. Dixie Belle is sold at boutiques or I believe you can find it on Amazon. The color is called Spanish Moss. I love the color but to be honest, this batch of paint seems to have more gray in it than the one I used a couple of years ago on the hood and fridge cabinets.


I started out by covering it in a solid coat. I was debating if I should let some of the rough wood come through. After seeing it painted I decided that exposing some wood and making it a bit more rough fit the look I was going for. I love old furniture and old finishes. A lot of my posts here describe how I achieve that look. I’ll link a few of my favorites.

{Primp} My Primer – distressing techniques, {Primp} My Primer – distressing techniques, Aging Wood and Other Projects …. uniquely, A Salvaged Frame, My Secret to Glazing Cabinets etc… – these are tried and true ways to get an old looking piece of furniture.

I used the razor blade technique, explained HERE. This gives a worn look that looks most natural because you scrape paint off by moving a sharp blade across the painted areas with the grain of wood. It especially works well on spray painted pieces.


You can see in the above photo how the chipped paint goes in the direction of the wood. Extra effort by handles and corners looks most authentic.


I gave the whole island this worn look.


While the island looks a bit more gray in these photos, it looks less so in person. However. I am going to get another container of that same paint to see if it looks more like my original green. Also, it may darken as it cures.


I was worried for just a minute that a distressed look would be too “10-years-ago” but in the end, I love the look and it fits my home decor style.

Let me show you the other side of the island.


I want the island to be a style of it’s own. I left the two ends in black and wood on one side and open shelves for baskets that go with that on the other end. A utilitarian kind of style.


A home is never really “done”. Right? I mean I love to change things up … a lot. This kitchen has had a few changes since we moved in nearly 4 years ago. Here are some links in order so you can see how it’s evolved:

Upgrade that Builder Kitchen Island, Kitchen Storage, Three Tone Kitchen, Create the Kitchen Island of Your Dreams

This week I put a hamper at the end of the island for dirty wash cloths. A few months ago I found those bar stools at the Goodwill for $6 each. That was the luckiest find I’ve had all year.


With the kitchen being so open to the rest of the house I like to reflect my style. The old shutters, my copper collection and wood cutting boards are some ways I like to make it casual and lived in looking.

There are a couple of other projects brewing over here and I am excited to share them with you.

In the mean time enjoy your September. I’ve already lit pumpkin scented candles. Have you?

Thank you for stopping by. Let me know what you think of the rustic paint treatment. Is it dated to you or does it just seem to fit some spaces? Clearly, I think certain spaces call for a rugged finish.

Until next time!

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Chris Wells

I like that it isn’t exactly the same color as the rest of your cabinets. And I love the distressed look. It never goes out of style as long as you love it! And yes my candles have been burning for a couple of weeks now…I am ready 🍂