Indoor Accents on the Outdoor Porch

My family and I live in a house that has a covered outdoor front porch. I absolutely love having an outdoor space that is covered from rain or snow. I was anxious to get some pretty southern style rocking chairs out there when we first moved in.
The chairs sit in front of our living room windows. I chose red and white pillows for an accent color this year. They go with the bright red front door.

I haven’t featured this particular chair on my blog before but several years ago, I bought it at a tag sale with a matching mate that I purchased for $20. The other one was destroyed by kids and a fire pit but this one made the move with us from Connecticut to Virginia.
This chair had been an “orange-y” wood that I brushed over with black chalk paint. The seat fabric? It was a neutral beige but dirty looking, so one night I took the chair out to the garage and painted the fabric in wall paint that I had been using for my baseboards and molding in our Connecticut home. (I know my husband was looking at me like I was crazy.)
Amazingly, the chair fabric and wood took very well to my paint application. Four years later, it still stands beautifully enough to adorn my front porch here in VA.
Along with the old window “B” art, it goes well with the tan, black and white exterior color scheme of our rental home.
Mazi (the dog) can’t stay out of my pictures to save her life –
I show her this photo of the two house plants in urns (ficus) along with the tag sale, painted chair and old window. “B” is for our last name. 🙂

This old window was free to me from a glass company up north. I painted the glass in black chalk paint and topped it with a white letter ‘B’ with stencils and corner accents. I have loved using this piece in various places in our homes.
Black, tan and white are the most versatile color combo you can go with. Adding red made them really “pop”!
I hope you enjoyed seeing my “painted chair re-do” on the tag sale chair. I also hope that you are enjoying beautiful weather like we are having here in VA.
If  you have an outdoor space to “live in” – add some of your own indoor ‘lovelies’ and enjoy!
Have a beautiful week!
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13 Replies to “Indoor Accents on the Outdoor Porch”

  1. Holly, That looks great. Glad ONE chair survived the kids and the fire pit. lol Painting was the perfect fix for it. Your porch looks really great. I love the pop of red there. xo Diana

  2. Jealous of your front porch. Growing up, we always had a n8ce deep covered front porch, and in some homes, a back one as well. I surely miss it. The pop of red with the neutrals.. so pretty!Psssttt… luving the wine redo chair. :)Hugs, Gee

  3. What a beautiful porch, so welcoming! I like your rocking chair too and that pillow does go so well with your door!

  4. Oh Holly, your outdoor space is beautiful! I can't wait to get started on mine but I'm waiting for all the nasty pollen to fall. Enjoy your day, Gail

  5. I've wondered how you like the move to VA. This past weekend was beautiful here in Roanoke, but rain is coming for the week. We're trying to get our deck painted but I don't think that will happen this week.I love your front porch and how you have decorated it.

  6. Holly I started reading your blog while you were in CT. I also live in CT – Fairfield – and we are going to VA the second weekend in May to start looking around for a house. My husband and I are both retired and we are looking for something smaller than what we have here. Any suggestions?

  7. I bet the boys had a great time burning the chair in the fire pit. I love that Mazi can't stay out of the pictures. It means she wants to be where ever you are. I love your chalk painted window.

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