Rustic Growth Chart – easy to make

My twin boys are turning 11 in a couple of days. They are nearly as tall as me.
 I still think of them as 6 years old.
I have been emotional about their up coming birthday.
I am amazed at how time flies by when you are truly having fun.
So I want to share this growth chart I made for them.
It hangs right here in our family room.
I cut down this fence section that I have used several times for other projects. Hung it on the wall with framing wire wrapped around two screws on the back of the fence. I used a monkey hook in the middle of the wall to hang it at the height I wanted.
Measure from the floor up. I started at the 2 foot mark – measured and marked every 1/4, 1/2 and 1 foot mark. Not many people are less than 18 inches tall….except my babies were each only 16 inches long. OMG! We are way past that now.
Each stencil ended up being 3 3/4 inches apart so they line up center to the 1 foot marking on the left side.
Painted with chalk pant in black over the stencil.
I have a growth chart from when the boys were really small but they don’t want those in their rooms any more. No baby prints. This is a family growth chart that doubles as wall art in our family room.
I can keep track of their growth and keep it forever.
I know these days are the best days of my life.
I just wish we could slow time down just a little bit.
{STOP growing up Ben and Luke!}
silly and sweet and growing up way too fast
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This is a gorgeous growth chart! I love it!!

Shannon Kidd

I love how simple and beautiful this is.

Shelly Andrade

This is the coolest ever!! I have an old fence panel behind the garage and am so going to do this. My girls are quickly approaching my own height and will no doubt surpass that in a matter of years. This will be a great solution to the other walls they keep writing on 🙂


I love it! Did you make it tall enough for all the boys growth spurts?


such a cute post, and i love the grow chart, holly!

Christine Vandormolen

Easy to make? Nope, not for this girl….LOL…I am blue with envy. The chart turned out super cute!!! And FYI — I feel the same way about little Robbie….where is the time going…sniff sniff


This is the best growth chart I have ever seen….absolutely adorable! When you are raising children time does go by like lighting speed. My sweet little boy is now close to 6' tall! Hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend! Hugs, Diane

Susan Homeroad

Awww great post Holly… your kids are so cute! I like the growth chart too!


They do grow up way too fast! Your growth chart is very cool. I think I might need a horizontal growth chart!!


I know how fast those days go by because I already have one child that is turning 20 in a couple of weeks and is away at Marines boot camp right now. It's as if overnight, he's grown and planning his career. Blink and you miss it! I think your growth chart is great. It's a great way to track their growth without it being \”babyish\”. I like how rustic yours is.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper

looks awesome! i love how it is planked!

Becky M

Oh my gosh this is too adorable! And it fits right in with all the decor!

ImSoVintage Laura Walker

They are so adorable, although they probably don't want to hear that now. My grandson is turning 11 on 12/2. Time certainly does fly. xo Laura