Small Laundry Room – making more space

Since we moved here a year ago –
I have had trouble moving around in my laundry room.
Mostly because the doors on the front loaders were backwards. The dryer and washer doors were both hinged on the left. The plugs and vents kept me from switching them around. When I purchased the set – I asked if the doors could be switched.  “Yes”, the sales person told me. Once I got them installed the dryer was the only one that could be hinged left or right. The washer wasn’t adjustable.
So Buggy!
So – today I stacked the dang things with the dryer on top. They open the same way now and after doing my first load of laundry – it works great!  Much easier.
I was the strongest one in the house at the time so I did it mostly myself. I called on the 10 year old twin boys to help hold the dryer steady on the front so it wouldn’t fall forward as I lifted it. I won’t recommend doing this on your own – however, it is possible. My kids said “You are crazy, mom.”  I replied – “Just say I am awesome and tough and we’ll get it done – I already know I am crazy.”
I put 1×6’s in between the washer and dryer so they aren’t stacked directly metal to metal. I have so much more floor space and folding area now. I used my $3 desk and a kitchen cabinet from our island in our last house to fill that whole space up with usable counter space and storage.

This space could be a lot cuter with a fun wall color but I was not in the mood for more work than this project already was. The walls may even be just primed from when it was built in 2003. I don’t care. I just needed my chores to be a little easier. It’s cute enough with my ‘Happiness’ sign, mirror, wreath and iron tricycle hung about. The garbage now even fits in there instead of in the hallway.

The hardest part was removing the door to the laundry room. It was one of those doors that likes to close on it’s own and our dirty clothes would get in the way of shutting it anyway. I am storing it in the attic. My laundry basket, which is always full of dirty clothes, fits nicely under the desk so we don’t have to just throw clothes onto the floor. Hopefully I will really enjoy doing laundry now.
(not likely – just less obstacles to work around)

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage

Girl, you are a rock star!! You do the bravest things with your home and it always pays off and looks amazing!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs

i cannot believe that you placed the dryer on top of the washer with \”little\” help!…You are wonder woman!..Love how you incorporated the desk into the room for counter space and a place for your laundry basket…great idea!…enjoy your great space!!

Trisha Flaherty

I would love a beautiful laundry room especially because we have an outside entrance, therefore this could be used as our \”back door guests are best\” entrance. However, we have 6 kids and 2 dogs and live in a split level home. If my laundry room was pretty then I would have to dust that too!

Angela Ryder

My gosh, you are super woman!! How did you ever lift that dryer on top like that??? Fabulous use of space!! Great job!~Ang


Great idea and I have to honestly say I am very strong but you must be freakishly strong!! That is no easy task at all. What a great idea though, it does free up more space for folding and things. I don't stack ours because I am to short to reach. I have long legs but not that long.Cynthia


What a great idea. I remember when I used to do thing like that. Now I can't do all that lifting, and it drives me crazy. xo Laura

Tina C

Great new look, everyone can use more space in a laundry room. HA! My family has gotten used to the \”It needs to be done right now\”, the either help or get the heck out of the way!


My goodness! I need to check your muscles. How in the world did you lift that dryer up like that???? I like them stacked. I always used a stacked washer and dryer unit at the condo we rent on vacation. I think it's easier to use.

Christine Freeman

Funny… I'm thinking of taking mind down! 🙂 If you still have your installation paperwork, there should be these leg/bracket things that let you hook the dryer to the washing machine so it doesn't wiggle itself off onto the floor. Or onto a small child or something. Those 2x4s aren't particularly safe. If you don't have 'em, you can have mine. I just need someone to help me get this down — and I don't have a set of handy twins! I love how your room looks. Clean!!!

Cecilia Bramhall

Oh much better! Hurray for you to find a good solution AND to tackle it yourself. I find that to be much easier than trying to explain why I want something changed. Lol. It looks way more efficient now!


If the mountain is in her way, she will move it. Great for you not waiting for someone to do it for you. I am the same way, my husband came home from work to find me hanging drywall. We have the same problem with our washer/dryer, it will soon be fixed with the new laundry room. I love that you are making your rental a home.

Therena Taylor

It looks great! What a space saver! And I love your bicycle 🙂


I love that you moved the dryer yourself–it's exactly the kind of thing I do…all. the. time. It takes too long to wait for help to show up! So 10-year-old help is better than none 😉

Michele Alger

Sorry to say that we have the same situation with the doors on our washer and dryer. Very inconvenient. I've had to learn to just live with it. What can we do? No space to stack. I'm glad it worked for you! 😉


Wonderful space now. Look at all that room you have.

Susan Homeroad

Ok so you must have the same washer and dryer as me! I just bought a new set, had them installed and wouldn't you know it… one opens to the right and one to the left… and not in a good way, they are back to back. It drives me nuts and yes, only one can be switched and it isn't the right one! LOL You just have to laugh… I wonder why they made them that way.??

Gee Singh Newbanks

Hahahaha!!! Oh Holly you have me trying to imagine me lifting a dryer. I am 5'2\” and well, I am laughing at the prospect. But I do know how it is. Want it done NOW!! I am like that as well.Looks great. I know the story of the never ending basket… my youngest came home from New Mexico this afternoon. 3 loads of laundry . He was gone 11 days. Hugs, Gee

Angela Santaniello

Fantastic idea! The entire space looks way more efficient. And I am just amazed that you mostly did it yourself!!!Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

Pamela Graham

My husband is going to be very mad at you! 🙂 haha

Leslie Marie Fry

Looks fantastic! We are women! Hear us roar! :0)


wow…I need to hire you for a few things around here!! The difference is amazing!

Denise Duffy

Ha! Sounds familiar! When I want something done I want it done RIGHT THEN!

Laurel Putman

Hahaha…my kids tell me I'm crazy ALL the time too. I take it as a compliment 🙂 Great idea…much better use of the space. Great thinking!!