Small Laundry Room – making more space

Since we moved here a year ago –
I have had trouble moving around in my laundry room.
Mostly because the doors on the front loaders were backwards. The dryer and washer doors were both hinged on the left. The plugs and vents kept me from switching them around. When I purchased the set – I asked if the doors could be switched. Β “Yes”, the sales person told me. Once I got them installed the dryer was the only one that could be hinged left or right. The washer wasn’t adjustable.
So Buggy!
So – today I stacked the dang things with the dryer on top. They open the same way now and after doing my first load of laundry – it works great! Β Much easier.
I was the strongest one in the house at the time so I did it mostly myself. I called on the 10 year old twin boys to help hold the dryer steady on the front so it wouldn’t fall forward as I lifted it. I won’t recommend doing this on your own – however, it is possible. My kids said “You are crazy, mom.” Β I replied – “Just say I am awesome and tough and we’ll get it done – I already know I am crazy.”
I put 1×6’s in between the washer and dryer so they aren’t stacked directly metal to metal. I have so much more floor space and folding area now. I used my $3 desk and a kitchen cabinet from our island in our last house to fill that whole space up with usable counter space and storage.

This space could be a lot cuter with a fun wall color but I was not in the mood for more work than this project already was. The walls may even be just primed from when it was built in 2003. I don’t care. I just needed my chores to be a little easier. It’s cute enough with my ‘Happiness’ sign, mirror, wreath and iron tricycle hung about. The garbage now even fits in there instead of in the hallway.

The hardest part was removing the door to the laundry room. It was one of those doors that likes to close on it’s own and our dirty clothes would get in the way of shutting it anyway. I am storing it in the attic. My laundry basket, which is always full of dirty clothes, fits nicely under the desk so we don’t have to just throw clothes onto the floor. Hopefully I will really enjoy doing laundry now.
(not likely – just less obstacles to work around)

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