Up-cycle 80’s Style Scalloped Wood

Do you go to yard sales, Goodwill stores or flea markets? If so, you probably see old fashioned shelving or boxes with scalloped edges or even heart cut outs on the trim.If they’re solid wood, I snag them up and rip the “frill-y” parts off with my table saw. (I didn’t take a before pic…but the top was all cut out like lace)

Rope works awesome for handles. Just drill holes in the sides and tie the rope as shown above.

After sanding the wood a bit I used an MDF board &’ from the craft store and used it as a reverse stencil by spray painting around it. Ebony stain is my favorite lately and a little went a long way with an inexpensive paint brush & using light feather strokes following the grain of the wood.

The inside is the original stain. The edges where the saw cut the scalloped trim off took the stain darker and I like the contrast.

With two kids and a dog – baskets and bins help keep clutter out of sight. Branches are shown here but toys, craft supplies or winter mittens could be stored in there, too.

Un-clutter and Up-cycle….

Thanks for stopping by and have a fun day!

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Great job. Ain't never gonna be the 1980's again! Really nice upcycle, Holly. xo Diana

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate

Love this! Thanks for sharing!

Christine Vandormolen

totally awesome upcycle….I can never pass up a crate!!!!


Holly I love this. I think the wood in there by a firepalce would be so awesome too. The ampersand is a great idea to give cuteness to the storage box. Another great idea Holly. Super sweeeeet!Kris


I love boxes and crates. I just did a blog post about that very subject too! Your box is so cute with the ampersand symbol and the rope handles. Very cute idea for firewood next to the fireplace.


Love your wooden box and using the ampersand in reverse was a great idea! I'm always on the lookout for pieces with good bones. Probably why my shed is so full of \”projects\”.

Michele Alger

I can't pass up a good container at yard sales or thrift stores. Love your bin, and thanks for reminding me we can use rope, such great and practical detail!!! 😉