Guest Area w/ Bed Makeover and Play Space

My parents are coming to stay with us. We are excited and I was happy to make the space they would stay in a little bit more “snappy” than it was last year.

When my husband and I lived in Utah several years ago we were in to this old looking Mexican or Santa Fe style furniture. This queen bed is one of our old frames that we have handed down to our kids and now our guests.
I didn’t want to take this bed apart or move it very far but I have wanted it to be “not so orange” for many years.
So I painted it right here in the same room – the attic. I put paper towels under each leg. Started with the recessed areas first with a small paint brush….
After two coats of paint – the orange parts were gone. Even though it isn’t a perfect, even finish – I like how it turned out. (especially for the little effort)
I did’t buy new bedding – just pillow cases and a mattress pad. The rest I used what we already had around here. Two firm pillows and two feather pillows and one body pillow – hopefully everybody can find something that works right for them to sleep comfortably.
Just sheets and a down comforter with a quilt. It is all mismatch but this room is actually our play room – so the whole thing is mismatched….
Legos,  toy bins and bean bags – with an ugly valance for the window – (it was here when we arrived).
If my parents want to stay up and play Call of Duty on X Box or Wii U – they are all set. Maybe I will pull the Rock Band stuff out – that is always a good time!

A card table for luggage and a fan to circulate the humid air that my guests will not be used to.
Where the stairs come up there is a bathroom. It is small so I hung a rod with hooks for towels outside the bathroom. 
Inside the bath is an old window hung with photos of all of us together taped to the back side with black electrical tape.
And another hook inside the bath for easy convenience.
Hopefully our guests are comfortable for the length of their stay – even though they have to climb two full flights of stairs to get to their “retreat” with toys.
Yeah! Time with family – a rare thing we get to do. I am so thankful and excited! So, if I don’t check in for a few days – I am partying with my parents!
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